• Josh Martin.

Shore Junction introduces Josh Martin

Shore Junction is an amazing space, filled with amazing people and we are excited to introduce you to our Youth Development Specialist Josh Martin.

We searched high and low to find someone who is passionate about youth, and was not afraid to stand out and put their stamp on this amazing facility and we found that in Josh. At Shore Junction everything we do is in co-design with young people and the light in their eyes and their enthusiasm when they interviewed Josh was all the sign we needed. The young people were absolutely buzzing after meeting him, giving us two thumbs up.

With a youth worker history and a track record of developing high quality regional and national events, Josh will bring the skills required for implementation of youth-led and -facilitated events, workshops, and activities.

A word from Josh:

"I'm pumped to be working with the Shore Junction team to help change the world one young life at a time. I'm excited to help develop the youth of the North Shore and work with them to create events and activities at Shore Junction that connect with and engage with our young people. I feel privileged to have the responsibility to create a space for our local young people to feel safe and like they truly belong. I see events that connect our young performers, entrepreneurs, techies, artists, etc with the professional sector, building bridges and pathways toward their dreams and goals for their future. I see a youth hub that belongs to our young people, that feels alive with the laughter, körero, and energy of our young people. I see Shore Junction as a movement. It begins with us at Shore Junction, but crops up in West Auckland, South Auckland, the South Island, and the world. It's a place to belong, a place to feel safe, and a place to call home away from home. What an honour to be part of this journey."

By: , YES Disability Resource Centre News: with Sonia Thursby (CEO)

Issue 112 August 2020