Shore Junction is open....

February 2021 Shore Junction has become New Zealand’s first free-to-access youth innovation hub for any Auckland youth aged between 13 and 24 years of age.

After months of ‘testing’ by young people we are pleased that our doors are open to all young people. We had an aim to have 100 testers at Shore Junction, however this has quickly climbed up to 157 as young people have been so excited to share the space with their friends and siblings, we have loved seeing these young people getting involved and using all areas of the space.

Shore Junction has been transformed into such an innovative space for all young people to use, creating a space that provides an even playing field for all. Young people are able to access free of charge a fully equipped music room and digital suite, an arts area, an exercise area and a technology area with 3D printer, Maker Space, Robotics, electronics all supported by study areas and meeting rooms.

Our determination to turn this remarkable concept into a reality has been infectious amongst the North Shore community.  We are proud to be 100% co-designed, everything that has gone into Shore Junction has been achieved with our community of young people, building on the methods and principles of Participatory Design which assumes the 'users' are the experts of their own domain and should be involved fully in the design process.

There are so many people to thank who have contributed to the initiative thus far, who have given their time, energy and expertise (and money!) to make this a reality. The one group who deserves so much recognition are the young people. Young people are at the heart of everything we do at Shore Junction, they know what they and other young people are looking for in an innovation space and it is that expertise we seek to make Shore Junction succeed.  

Shore Junction’s vision is to accelerate the potential of young people and support them towards their future pathways. 

By: , YES Disability Resource Centre News: with Sonia Thursby (CEO)

Issue 117 March 2021