Striving for Gold

The Commonwealth Games has just started and what a privilege it is to be able to watch our experienced and up and coming athletes on the world stage.

The training and preparation these athletes have put in over the last few years to hopefully realise a childhood dream is nothing short of remarkable. Every one of these athletes goes to bed at night and dreams of winning a Gold Medal.

Having been brought up on a squash court and spent time in coaching roles in various countries, I will watch with interest our players in a sport that is currently rated the healthiest sport in the world!

The Commonwealth Games will unearth more sporting talent from NZ, with the opportunity for many to start the launch of their careers on the world stage.

Maat Financial Services strives similarly to attain the same high standards of performance. We will win our ‘Gold Medal’ through our commitment to provide personal service for our clients; and offering insurance options which suit their needs and at a manageable cost.

Contact me so that we can achieve the ‘Gold Medal’ together – Phone me on 021 0844 2524.

“Coming together is a start, working together is progress, staying together is success” – Henry Ford



By: , Paul Tuffin, Registered Financial Adviser, Maat Financial Services.

Issue 86 April 2018