Thank you to our Loyal Sponsors

Your monthly update from Murray Hill, Manager of the Milford Business Association.

When I started this role about eight years ago, I saw a need to get some extra income for the Milford BID (Business Improvement District) by way of sponsorship. Little did I know, that we would still have the same loyal bunch part of the ‘Milford Make-Up’ eight years later.

So in this month's column, I would like to celebrate that association with these great Milford and North Shore businesses. All the businesses understand the importance of supporting local and as a result are amongst the best businesses on the Shore.

It’s great to see how all these businesses have grown over the period of time of our association with them and to relate that to the continual growth, Milford as a business district has experienced. I think it is an example of how businesses working together can achieve that great ‘win-win' outcome.

Harcourts Cooper & Co: Martin Cooper is the face of the brand with his commercials showcasing what is good about the Shore. He is always interested in what is happening locally and has an amazing Community Relationship Manager, Jaci Stevenson, who deals with our day to day relationship. All our design and a lot of our printing is done by an associated company, Graphic Detail, who have aptly encapsulated the Milford brand and assisted us in getting that brand message across. Harcourts Cooper & Co, have also been a major sponsor of the annual Christmas By The Lake Concert – an event that brings joy to 1000’s of locals every year.

Milford Centre: Our biggest single landlord has been supportive of the association from day one. We continue to have a close and open relationship with them on all levels and were possible, we collaborate campaigns together. With special thanks to NZ Retail Property Group Senior Executive, Campbell Barbour, for the continued outstanding working relationship, and to Tom Hammond, GM Property, for creating a collaborative working environment, as well as his support as a Board member.

Schnauer & Co: An institution on the Shore since the practice was set up by David and Patricia Schnauer many years ago, now with Glenda Lamb as practice manager. This practice has been a supporter of the association from way back as far as the 1990’s when the business association took on the mall developers of that era and won! We called it our David & Goliath moment! An awesome team of legal professionals that punch well above their weight and are always there when the community needs them. So when you are looking for goods and services that these businesses provide, please give them a call as their generosity over not one but eight years has played a significant part in many of the things that we have been able to do in the business and local Milford communities.

Benefitz: A household name on the Shore for printing and websites, Benefitz founder and managing director, Aidan Bennett, has been a supportive sponsor. From design to printing and then creating our website, this firm knows the value of relationships. Always at the forefront with technology, they provide assistance and guidance to clients to satisfy their needs in the every changing world of marketing. And are just ‘good guys’ to have as part of your ‘TEAM'.

Channel Magazine: Our local North Shore magazine is part of the Benefitz business and is also a key sponsorship partner with the association helping to promote the area and add to the community feel.

Prestige Real Estate: Murray Blair, business owner, was the first business to sign up as a sponsor. I was killing time waiting to see our chairman, Tony Sands, whose business is next door and Murray asked what I was up to. Not one to hold back, I explained we were looking to add value to the business association through sponsorship and without hesitation, he said sign me up. And so that relationship has prospered since then – Murray is always interested to know what's happening in and around Milford.

See you in Milford.
Murray Hill
Manager – Milford Business Association  021 950 463  

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By: , Murray Hill, Manager

Issue 88 June 2018