Residential Property Management with Quinovic Takapuna

A common mistake new landlords often make is tenanting their property as quickly as possible to get the revenue stream started whilst neglecting to record the state of the property prior to the tenancy.

Before a tenancy is granted it is crucial to carry out a thorough inspection of the property and record everything about the property. The initial inspection BEFORE the start of any tenancy is the most important inspection of all. This inspection is the foundation of the tenancy moving forward.

Once the tenants have been there for weeks or months, it will be difficult to remember the details of the condition of the house and grounds as they were at the outset.

While the property is still vacant; just before the start of the tenancy – take as many photographs of the condition and the chattels as possible and record the current condition – not just the defects. Every room, the exterior of the property and grounds should be covered in your initial inspection as well as the deviation from good condition to any sort of defects, scratches, marks or functionality should be noted.

As soon as tenants are found, we recommend checking the report together and both parties should sign and agree. It is important that both parties know what the condition is of the property at the beginning of the tenancy, and what, if anything, needs to be repaired.

“Quinovic Takapuna will always make sure a thorough inspection is completed when the property is going under management and before the start of each tenancy. The inspection report will record the condition of every single room and the condition, and be supported by hundreds of photographs.” says Graeme Henderson, the owner of Quinovic Takapuna.

By integrating the tenants into the process and agreeing on the condition right at the start of the tenancy, the foundation of the business relationships is built. It enables the tenants to feel part of the process and to be confident that the property inspection report will not be slanted in the landlords favour.

At the end of the tenancy, this exact report should be used to complete the move out inspection. The initial inspection report will then show if there are any damages to the property. If existing damages or marks are already noted on the initial report, the tenants cannot be blamed for it at the end. However any new deliberate or careless damage will be easily identified and can be claimed from the tenant.

The more detailed and accurate the move in property inspection report is carried out by the landlord and agreed upon start of the tenancy with the tenant, the easier the handling process at the end of every tenancy.

If you as a landlord want to make sure a property inspection report is completed BEFROE AND AFTER each tenancy, talk to Graeme Henderson today. Quinovic Takapuna offers this service plus many more as part of our comprehensive property management care and return package without extra charge.

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