Time to get your vision sorted for your summer holidays

It’s time to act on all those visual concerns you have had during the year before your summer holidays.

Summer holidays are a great time to catch up on all those books you’ve been meaning to read. How are your reading glasses? Is your computer screen as clear as it could be? Do you get eye strain after using your computer all day? There are now wide selections of occupational lenses available that have kept up with our love of using technology in our daily lives. It’s time to see your local friendly optometrists and ask them what would help you. 

The sun is shining finally! Have you been coping with your broken sunglasses or, worse still, you don’t even have a pair of sunglasses, let alone a pair you could use when driving or reading those books? Then stop! It’s time to get yourself sorted - let us help you! We have a solution for all your needs, all you have to do is ask.

We have added a great selection of Rayban sunglasses to our range and have all the latest Maui Jim sunglasses for summer. We also have the new Tom Ford sunglasses from Europe.

For those who wear contact lenses, make time to order your supply. Remember if you wear disposables and you purchase a six-month supply, then we will give you a 15% discount on your purchase, or 20% if you purchase a 12-month supply. Haven’t got contacts but have thought about trying them? Then now is the time! If you enjoy your summer sports, then pop in a pair and you can wear your sunglasses over the top. 

If you have trouble reading with your current contact lenses, book in to see one of our optometrists and ask them about the new selection of multifocal contact lenses, which enable you to see clearly in the distance and to read. Contact lenses are brilliant for all those activities we Kiwis love to do on our days off.

Book in today for a consultation, we are open Saturdays 9am until 4pm for your convenience.

Don’t forget we stock a wide variety of contact lens solutions and dry eye drops.

So don’t leave it to the last minute - pop in to see how we can assist you today. We are all about making your life easier here at Haydon Optometrists. 


Issue 82 November 2017