Vision, focus and planning the key

The Commonwealth Games has now finished, what a fantastic games it has been for the New Zealand Team. The most Gold Medals and the most Medals ever at a Commonwealth Games outside of New Zealand. Seeing our athletes rewarded for all their commitment was fantastic. The ability to achieve your goals, whether that is in your sporting life or business Life, is something which you can achieve through a combination of vision, focus and planning.

The Maat Group offers commercial property investment opportunities and a personal insurance brokering service. We strive to achieve our goals every day. These include helping our insurance clients to achieve their goal of financial security. This can be achieved through our commitment to knowing our product and knowing our clients, built on personal relationships and trust.  We identify five key aspects that need to be considered when preparing an insurance plan:

Financial protection for dependents
This should be an accepted responsibility of all parents and businesses. The level of risk depends on the risk profile of each individual but risking the financial future of your dependants in total should not be an option.

Identify the risk
What are the risks if serious health issues occur? The key to an effective insurance policy is knowing the risks which need to be covered.

Plan to mitigate the risk
All risks are not equal. An effective insurance plan will include rating the risks in order of the ‘most likely’ insurable events needing to be covered. This can be based on reference to statistics data or evidence of personal contacts who have suffered from such circumstances.

The key to a long-term insurance plan is to ensure that the cost is achievable within a household or business budget. Abide by the thought that some insurance is better than none. Policy coverage and cost need to be reviewed regularly.

Financial security
The implementing of an effective insurance plan and future reviews for change of circumstances is a key attribute to obtaining financial security when (and if) an insurable event occurs.

Paul can be contacted at the Maat Group on (09) 869 2568 or on (021) 0844 2524 to arrange an appointment to help in developing personal risk plans.


By: , Paul Tuffin, Registered Financial Adviser, Maat Financial Services.

Issue 87 May 2018