Visitor at YES


Paula Tesoriero the New Zealand Disability Human Rights Commissioner paid a visit to YES. Paula is a well know former Paralympian who broke a world record at the 2008 a summer Paralympics and secured a gold medal. Paula spent the afternoon with some of our young people and staff talking changes that need to be made in our sector.

YES has some exciting opportunities and services:

Advocacy and support at YES
The disability sector is an unwieldly beast to try and navigate. Our experts here at YES can support people with disabilities and their families to access the right supports when they need them. People do not have to do it on their own; we can help. We provide over the phone or drop-in face-to-face support.

Community Connector Pilot
What community connectors do? they provide disability information and advice at a local level. People can access expert support on their doorstep. Our community connector Jamie will be based in Takapuna and Whangaparoa, Over the next 12 months our intention is to have connectors throughout North Shore.

Driving Workshops
Having a physical disability can make the prospect of getting your licence rather daunting. Here at YES we provide a workshop designed to make the process more accessible and engaging. We also support individuals through the process of getting their own vehicle and any car modifications that may be needed

Carabiner Mentoring
YES is also passionate about supporting young people achieve their dreams. One way we can do this is through Carabiner mentoring where a young person is linked up with a mentor who specialises or has in-depth experience in the area of the young person’s choice.

We are also passionate about equipping people with the tools they need in life. One  of the ways we do this is through Icebreaker. Icebreaker is an anti-bullying workshop provided for both people experiencing bullying and those supporting them. This workshop was fully created by those who have first-hand experience with bullying and can provide the insight and tools to help navigate such situations.

A unique way in which we equip people for success in their lives is through YES I can, which is a leadership workshop. This workshop runs over two days and is jam-packed with essential information and knowledge to support the unlocking of true leadership potential.

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