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What is a leaky home?

Building & Home Maintenance with QPC Build Group

Leaky homes are houses that, due to poor design or incorrect installation of building material, allow water to penetrate the building.

The water is soaked up by the framing and, due to the lack of a cavity system, there is no air flow to dry the timber out.  This in turn allows mould to grow on the timber, which then rots.
Houses that leak are most commonly built from the early 90s onwards.  They are usually houses built using monolithic cladding systems and designs that include parapets, no eaves and cantilevered decks.

What is the reclad process?
There are a lot of misconceptions about the reclad process and what it entails but it really isn’t too daunting.  Here is a simplified guide of how QPC Build Group runs a reclad project.

  • Scaffolding is first erected around the entire house and shrink-wrap used to keep the house watertight.
  • Then the windows are removed and stored ready to be fitted
  • with new jambs for the new cavity system or for new joinery to be installed.
  • Next the old cladding is removed and disposed of.
  • A timber specialist will come and assess the framing timber, marking all the timber that is to be replaced.
  • Repairs are then done and a timber preservative is painted on any existing framework.
  • Building wrap and a cavity is then installed.
  • Your new cladding and new or existing windows are installed and any interior renovations will be done.
  • On completion of your project QPC will organise final Council inspections and your Code of Compliance certificate will be issued.

Our team has been undertaking many leaky home reclads over the last 10 years and has the expertise and knowledge to successfully remediate your home from design to completion.

Give us call today for a no obligations chat 0800 772 266 or check out our website www.qpcbuilders.co.nz for examples of our work.