What’s new in Takapuna

It’s a new year and Takapuna is positively bustling – new square, new treats, new studios, oh my! So read on for our rundown of the best of what’s fresh, and make a date to check it out yourself.

Waiwharariki Anzac Square
Out with the car parks, in with a beautiful new public space. Waiwharariki Anzac Square has been a delightful addition to the Takapuna cityscape this summer, replete with an artistically splashy water feature to cool off the summer heat.
This is a special part of Auckland, perfect for cute little festivals and markets. We love how the space flows and makes room for people to hang out, it really ties Takapuna together.

The best new treats and places to taste
Get a little taste of something delightful at Frenchy’s Crêpes. Bringing la touche française to the Takapuna food scene, these sweet and savoury crêpes are très authentique, and so are the staff.
Break out your Year 9 French and have a go ordering in the lingo, and don’t stress – the Frenchy’s crew are super nice.
There’s a new Luna Bakehouse store open on Hurstmere road, bringing their uniquely tasty pastries to Takapuna. Their Supremes are a must, a stylish wheel croissant absolutely stuffed with flavourful filling – and their celebration cakes are every bit as gorgeous.
Lil Ragú (our fave Italian food truck – maybe just our fave Italian) has found a new home, nestled under the verandah of Wallace Cotton. It’s a cute spot for the humble food truck, and one thing’s for sure: the food is as good as ever.

New year, new goals, new places for body and soul
January has been and gone, but some of us are still hanging on to those new year resolutions. If eating healthier is one of yours, check out the natural nutrition powerhouse Together Bespoke Catering café over on Hurstmere road.
The smoothies and nourish bowls absolutely pop, and they taste as good as they look. But what’s really cool is that they do meal prep kits as well, so you can take that feel-good glow right out of the café and into your own kitchen.
Keep an eye out for the opening of O-Studio in Takapuna, a new inclusive space for training body and mind. O-Studio offers flotation therapy, sauna, ice baths, massage and more. Sounds like the perfect place to unwind and let off a little back-to-work steam.
Now you’re looking good on the inside, Lashury can help you look good on the outside. After all, maybe you want a little more beauty in your new year, too.
Opening a new store in Hurstmere Road (where it’s all happening!) Lashury takes your unique look and emphasises the natural beauty of your eyes, lashes and brows.
And while we’re at it, maybe it’s time to take up a new hobby too.

Did you know…
You can learn to sail right here in Takapuna? The Takapuna Boating Club runs courses and workshops on sailing and paddling for kids and adults. Plus, check out their social breakfasts on the weekend to make new seafaring friends..