What will your new sunglasses be?

Spring is in the air, the clocks have gone forward and as the weather warms up, we at Haydon’s are turning our attention to all things sun and sunglasses.

What do you look for in a new pair of sunglasses? Is it purely having the latest look, or do you need fashion and function? What about sunglass protection for your favourite sports or hobbies? Do you need to have your prescription incorporated into your sunglasses too?

At Haydon’s we have a broad selection of sunglasses for all requirements, we want to take this opportunity to tell you about our newest styles for summer 2018.

Rayban, the iconic and timeless sunglass range, has released new styles and they are as popular as ever. The Rayban lens is still one of the best sunglass lenses on the market. This brand’s versatility works so well for offering you fashion and function.

Moscot is another one of our favourite additions to our sunglass range. The round eye sunglass is huge this summer in all colours and sizes and Moscot has it covered; they have a round eye to fit any face in beautiful and classic frame colours. This New York range is one not to be missed.

If it’s high fashion you’re after then the latest Kate Sylvester styles fit seamlessly into our fashion selection, along with Anne et Valentine. Colours are a lot lighter this season with lots of crystal greys and pinks. Tortoiseshell in a lighter form is also strong throughout the ranges. These unique and stylish sunglasses have you covered whether you want classic, elegant or something out of the ordinary.

Many of these styles can be fitted with prescription sunglass lenses and, with the comprehensive range of lens technology available from Zeiss, we can cater for all your sunglass needs from driving to sports and everything in between.

Finally, Maui Jim has added more new styles to their already extensive range. We love this brand for its amazing lens technology, quality manufacturing and incredible service. The range is full and comprehensive, whether you want something to take you from the golf course to the 19th hole, or from the boat to sipping cocktails on the deck, Maui Jim has it all.

So if you’re thinking of updating your sunglasses this summer, come and view the collection at Haydon Optometrists.


Issue 92 October 2018