Winter wardrobe ready

The colder months are quickly approaching and that means it’s time to say goodbye to our summer wardrobe and bring back the jumpers, scarfs and boots.

For some of us, that means wearing the same three outfits that we did last year, because a tight budget or money priorities do not allow for a winter closet makeover. However, I’ve put together some creative ways to recreate your wardrobe without spending truckloads – so you can stay stylish on a budget this year.

The first idea is to head to your local opshop and have a look through the many different styles available at low prices. Generally op shops hold a whole lot of items in great quality – there have been countless times where I have found items that are brand new and still have their tags attached. Choosing to update your wardrobe by op shopping means you get a vast range of clothing that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. With so many op shops scattered among different suburbs on the Shore, there are endless opportunities to pick up unique pieces, as well as general items you may need. For myself and a lot of my friends, taking a trip to the op shop and sifting through racks till we eventually find something worth taking home is an absolute thrill.

Not only do op shops provide a multitude of options, but you also get to shop for your winter wardrobe while contributing to important charities that do so much for the community. The Salvation Army, Hospice, Red Cross, SPCA and St. Johns are just a few of the wonderful charity opportunity shops on the Shore. It means you can find one-of-a-kind items for cheap prices, while helping out people who need it. That is precisely why this first tip is a win-win for winter.

The next low-cost idea to spritz up your winter fashion is to take your regular, old pieces and freshen them up a bit! Up-cycling is a great way to keep the items you know and love while giving them a new look. You don’t need to be super savvy with a sewing machine for these tricks either – a pair of scissors and some needle and thread for small altering by hand will do.

A sweater dress is a simple but elegant take on a winter outfit, and is easily achieved by taking two old sweaters and turning them into a one piece for a warm, cozy dress during the colder months. You can make some quick cuts and attach the sweaters together to form a long-sleeved dress. Or use an oversized sweater to make a shawl by cutting off half of the sleeves and making a slit down the middle. If you have a good pair of jeans that you would like to spruce up, there are also many ways to give them a brand new look with patchwork. You can recycle a pair of old jeans by adding a little bit of flair to them – such as rhinestones, beads, patches, and button detailing. Up-cycling clothes is one of the best ways to keep your comfiest winter items that you’ve had for years, and still change up their look.

Stay warm by layering clothing that you have in your closet but have never thought to wear together before. A simple hoodie with a jacket on top can keep you cozy while you run errands or meet up with friends. Try pairing long, decorative socks with boots for a splash of colour with your outfit. A turtleneck layered with a patterned sweater, or a long coat and scarf against plain coloured tops are a good way to light up a pair of your favourite jeans.

If you’re wanting to make  an impression or glam up for the day, accessories are not something to leave behind while you’re wrapping up warm. Statement pieces like big necklaces, bracelets and earrings are perfect ways to dress up any winter outfit! Gloves, scarfs, and beanies are simple ways to add that extra little kick to your everyday wardrobe as well.

Or if you want to think ahead for next year, plan to put some money aside to shop for clothes when they are out of season. Sales and discounts are at their best when the weather changes, and people have less of a demand for warmer clothes. You can also head to factory stores or outlets where brands send items that need to sell quickly. Keep these tips in mind and treat yourself to some changes in your wardrobe. It doesn’t take a lot of money to look good, and with a little time and effort you’ll have a fresh set of outfits for the colder season ahead.