• Victoria Jones.

Your fashion questions answered

With Victoria J, Mairangi Bay

Q.  The mornings are becoming crisp and the evenings are cooler, but I’m not ready to wear my winter woollies yet.  I want to look on-trend and stylish.   What can you recommend?              

A.  Ahh yes, the change of seasons is a time to embrace these gorgeous autumnal days and savour the last of daylight savings.   As the summer tan begins to fade, the maxi dress is a wardrobe must.   Long, simple, yet oh so elegant.  It’s perfect for midday heat and ideal for cooler evenings.     Pick one in a glorious print in luxury, no-iron fabric to ensure you remain creaseless from morning to night.  Maxi’s offer an understated sexiness – showing just enough skin  through side splits and cut away necklines.  For a casual look, wear with sandals, or for a sophisticated look, dress up with heels.  Take the stress out of searching for a wedding outfit.   The maxi is a must.

Tops with three quarter or elbow length sleeves are great  at this time of year. Easy to push up in the heat, but just enough coverage to keep those goosebumps covered when the sun goes down.  Raglan or boatneck tops are wonderful to blouson over pants and skirts.  They also provide some extra space for laying and hiding any lumps and bumps. 

Then we get to the magic of merino!  Soft, light, floaty, warm and oh so versatile.  This wondrous fabric comes in a wide variety of colours and prints.  One of my favourites being  the timeless stripe.   Again, think layering for seamless style.   And don’t be fooled by cheap merino garments on the market. The yarn will be short and can pill – they are guaranteed to disappoint.  Spend a few more dollars and get a quality garment that will last for years.

Remember girls...cardies are a girl’s best friend!

Tracey Bowyer, Personal Stylist for Victoria J

Victoria J, Shop 12, Green Gables, 376 Beach Road, Mairangi Bay, 021 476 919, www.victoriaj.co.nz


Issuu 64 April 2016