• Julia Bode (coach) Tatiana Rose and Giselle Christian.
  • Outside SPCA with the donation,blankets and towel Giselle Christian, Taitana Rose and Lucas Armstrong.

A.G.E. Students Take Action

Students support SPCA Cupcake Day

A.G.E. – where curiosity, creativity and caring are made visible through everyday action.

A.G.E. learning programmes are guided by the New Zealand curriculum. A major principle underpinning our way of teaching is that learning happens within authentic and meaningful contexts that require students to be actively involved in producing positive outcomes.

Actively participating in the community as users and contributors helps develop a greater sense of belonging, which helps us build strong personal identities and students to become confident, contributing members of society.

A.G.E. students have been involved in a wide range of experiences and actions within the community, some of which are researching local need for housing; designing and creating an urban garden; gathering data about the Takapuna shoreline (in partnership with Otago University researchers); creating an exhibition at the local library to show the impact of humans on the local environment; tidying up local parks: and, more recently, raising funds to support the SPCA.

As part of this term’s ‘Community Action’ focus, A.G.E. students agreed that supporting the SPCA Cupcake Day was a worthy cause. They planned the process, purchased ingredients, and assigned roles for cooking, cleaning, promoting, selling, budgeting and visiting – everyone was part of the team. After a day of cooking up a storm and creating decorative masterpieces, we were ready to sell. The cupcakes raised more than $200 for the SPCA. Customers were delighted with their purchases with most people purchasing two or more morsels of deliciousness.

Feeling very pleased with their efforts, students visited the SPCA in Mangere the following Tuesday to hand over the earnings, along with some old blankets and towels for the animals. They were delighted to learn that they had raised enough money to provide medical treatment for one injured animal, keep an inspector’s van on the road for one day, allow the SPCA to de-sex, vaccinate and microchip one cat or provide medical treatment and care for a litter of kittens and their mum. After discussion about other ways to help the animals, students agreed that our next contribution could be to make toys for them. This cause is close to the heart of every member of the A.G.E. community and we look forward to our involvement continuing for years to come.

"Animals are such agreeable friends―they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms." George Eliot

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