• Pilates Unlimited's Carole Fraser.
  • Pilates Unlimited's Carole Fraser.
  • The Booklover's Helen Drummond and Tom Beran
  • The Booklover's Helen Drummond and Tom Beran.

Celebrating 100 issues

When we set up Channel back in 2010, it was all about celebrating people, community and businesses on the North Shore; highlighting good things happening in our little slice of paradise. As we publish our 100th issue we are thrilled to acknowledge businesses and people who have supported the magazine through most – if not all – of those issues. We catch up with a handful of business people who have provided content for Channel since that very first issue back in July 2010. We put some questions to them about the magazine and their business.

Tom Beran and Helen Drummond: The Booklover

Tom Beran and Helen Drummond are the owners of The Booklover, an enduringly popular – and very excellent – bookshop that was located first in Takapuna and now in Milford. They were among the first advertisers to commit to advertising in Channel Magazine when it was launched – but think they’ve only appeared a couple of times in our Out & About pages. (We remedy that with this photo of them!)

Christine Young: What do you recall about mid-2010 when Channel Magazine was just being conceived?

Tom Beran and HelenDrummond: We were excited when first approached in 2010 to see if we were interested in being part of what was to be a very stylish monthly full-colour North Shore magazine. We were full of admiration for Aidan and his vision – and the huge gamble he was taking. Nine years later, we are thrilled it is such a deserved success, and are honoured to have been part of every issue as Channel has gone from strength to strength, increasing content and coverage to reach this 100th issue milestone. We know from the response to our monthly book reviews page how much the magazine is enjoyed by so many local people.

The books we particularly remember introducing to our customers in mid-2010 were Bill Bryson’s entertaining ‘At Home: A Short History of Private Life’ which we knew would be relished by all who had enjoyed his ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’ the previous year; the second of Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks ‘Plenty’, which took on a life of its own once people started telling friends about it; and ‘Mr Stink’, the second book by then ‘unknown’ children’s writer David Walliams, whose quirky humour captured New Zealand youngsters and whose subsequent new books (23 at last count) inevitably top New Zealand’s children’s bestseller lists.

CY: What do you enjoy most about Channel Magazine?

TB &HD: Each month we read Channel pretty much cover to cover, enjoying the human interest and local issues stories, the high school news, arts updates, interviews with personalities, AIMES and business news, wellbeing features, hospitality promoting new eateries.

CY: Why do you love living and/or working on the North Shore?

TB &HD: We believe the North Shore is still the best place in Auckland to live and work: its strong connection to the coast, constant sea views, great places to walk, wide choice of restaurants for every occasion, excellent community facilities (public libraries, theatres, Bruce Mason Centre), and despite North Shore’s booming growth to the north, Milford manages to retain its unique laid-back village vibrancy.


Carole Fraser: Pilates Unlimited

Carole Fraser launched Pilates Unlimited in March 2000 and had been going strong in Takapuna for a decade when Channel launched.

Christine Young: What do you recall about mid-2010 when Channel Magazine was launched?           

Carole Fraser: 2010 was a significant year for my business as Pilates Unlimited celebrated its 10-year anniversary. I also travelled to New York, as Pilates Unlimited is the training centre for New Zealand, and met with studio owners from all around the world. We then tagged on a holiday to Bermuda which is only a one hour, 45 minute flight fom New York, and such a cool place to visit. 

CY: What was your view of the new magazine?
CF: Aidan’s personal approach in the early days was what encouraged me to advertise each month – I have a background in marketing so building the brand of my business and working with a local company was important and this has been very successful. I am happy to say apart from the odd issue Pilates Unlimited has been in every publication in the last nine years!!! 

CY:  What do you enjoy most about Channel Magazine?

CF: It’s local news and you learn so much about your local communities and all the positives of the North Shore. I am always interested in property and real estate so that is on my radar as my first read, followed by looking at the Pilates Unlimited feature and then seeing who is featured in "out and about”!! 

CY: How many times have you appeared in the Out & About pages?

CF: Many times over the last nine years – but not as many as some of the studio’s very loyal clients,  Barb Mclean, Wendy Stedman, Jan Ward, Linda Dines and Michelle Bennett to name a few! 

CY: Why do you love living and/or working on the North Shore?

CF: I grew up on the North Shore and I love the fact that I can walk to work.  I live at Thorne Bay so am 12 minutes’ walk to the studio – it’s very therapeutic to walk – or a five-minute drive. It’s great being in walking distance of the beach, shops, restaurants and even the hospital.  Over the years I have got to know many other business owners in the area and would say the North Shore has a friendly feel.