• Core Aviation's Cessna Caravan is available for charter from North Shore Airport in Dairy Flat.
  • Helicopter training underway in the Cabri G2.
  • Airlift Engineering maintains aircraft for North Shore aviation enthusiasts and operators.
  • One of Core Aviation's VIP AS355 helicopters for charter and shares for sale.

Flying High with Core Aviation

Core Aviation is a North Shore based aviation company offering a number of services in the aviation industry. From aircraft charter and sales, to helicopter pilot training and aircraft maintenance, the Core Aviation group is a one stop shop for everything you’ll need to get up in the air and home safely.

Aircraft Charter and Management Services

Core Aviation owns and operates both fixed wing and helicopter charters. Their fixed wing offering is a Cessna Caravan EX. The Caravan is a large 9 seat turboprop plane capable of long range flight across New Zealand (think North Shore to Wanaka non-stop) in comfort and style. The Caravan is a versatile tool for Kiwi businesses and families wanting to get around New Zealand safely and efficiently. 

Orbit Helicopters is in the stable of Core Aviation’s businesses and operates a number AS355 ‘twin squirrel’ VIP helicopters out of North Shore. The AS355s are a safe and stylish machine with a five passenger configuration. There are also shares in these and other machines available for purchase through the group’s syndication business, Helico.


Helicopter Pilot Training

If you think you might want to take to the skies yourself, North Shore Heli Training offers private and commercial pilot training courses. Their team of skilled and experienced training pilots teach students everything from the basics right through to the most advanced flying techniques, ensuring all students are equipped with the tools and awareness to become the safest and best pilots around.


Aircraft Maintenance

Airlift Engineering oversees the company’s fleet of aircraft while also looking after a number of North Shore Aero Club member’s aircraft and those further afield. From small defects and checks to major overhauls and detailed avionics, Airlift Engineering can look after it.

For more information on any of these services, contact Lachlan Jones on 021440819 or email hello@coreaviation.co