End of an era for Argyle Pink Diamonds

Diamonds may be forever, but unfortunately Argyle Pink Diamonds are not.

With the supply of economically viable pink diamonds approaching exhaustion, the Argyle pink diamond mine in Australia closed in November 2020, and this marked the end of an era for this geologically phenomenal natural resource.
This is a huge loss to the jewellery and diamond Industry worldwide.
Pink diamonds are the rarest diamonds in the world. Argyle produced more than 90% of the world’s supply of pink diamonds, and Argyle pink diamonds are renowned as being the finest. According to a report by Sydney Morning Herald writer Amanda Hooton, in one year, just one in a million diamonds unearthed worldwide may be pink. But at Argyle, that figure is one-tenth of one percent, which is still tiny but enormous by world standards.
There is something truly special about a pink diamond and their subtle variety of shades and colours.
When featured in beautiful pieces of jewellery, they offer something truly unique, and luxurious to its owner or wearer, and something that will forever appreciate.
There has also been a fair amount of interest for people wanting to purchase loose pink diamonds, recognising that prices are increasing and now that the mine has closed, there is definite demand from collectors and investors wanting to build their portfolio.
Although we are NOT investment advisors (and nor do we try to be), you can’t ignore the steady increase of appreciation at around 13% per annum over the last 20 years, and with the recent closure we have seen some significant increase in their value.
We had the pleasure of selling a lovely oval pink Argyle diamond this time last year (it was purchased as an investment), and in less than 12 months this diamond has now increased in value by an astonishing 64%. Needless to say, that the customer is very happy indeed, and we are pleased for them, as it reinforced our recommendation.
Disclaimer: I’m not saying that every pink diamond will increase by such an astonishing amount, as there are key influencing factors like the shade of colour and its intensity etc. It’s all about finding the right diamond for each customer; there are generally a few key questions we need to ask before recommending a particular stone to them.   
We let our customers draw their own conclusions about whether to purchase as an investment or not, or just own a very special diamond that is truly unique and part of history. But one cannot ignore what is happening in this very small, and very special part of the international diamond market .Either way, no-one has ever been disappointed.
For Christmas we have been building a range of ‘affordable’ pink diamond jewellery (starting from as little as $899), as well as having a small selection of ‘collectable’/ ‘investment’ grade Argyle pink diamonds.

If you would like to know more, or are interested in purchasing a truly special unique pink diamond, please feel free to contact (in confidence) Adrian on 09 4898461 or email info@fifth-avenue.co.nz.

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Issue 126 December-January 2021