• The Goodside entrance at Smales Farm.
  • Angela Redfern, owner of Ripe Deli.
  • Shake Out team members.
  • Greg Cornes of Goodness Gracious.
  • Jeff Kim, owner of &Sushi.
  • Poom and Jenny are opening Soho Kitchen at Goodside.
  • The Grange team, from left: Executive chef Glen File, and restaurant managers Holly Wilson and Nik Stakes.
  • Fantail & Turtle's Travis Field and wife Susan.
  • Fantail & Turtle.

Going “Goodside” at Smales Farm

As readers of Channel Magazine will have discovered over the past couple of years, we are huge fans of what is evolving at Smales Farm. We have profiled the innovative B:HIVE business hub that has somewhat re-written the rules around office space in Auckland. The continuation of this innovation was the opening on December 1st of ‘Goodside’ – Smales Farm’s totally new dining precinct – set to become a destination for food and beverages throughout the day. Goodside is an exquisite collection of Auckland’s finest boutique food and beverage artisans, housed in a relaxed, leafy venue, making it one of Auckland’s most delectable dining destinations. During November, Channel's Aidan Bennett attended the exclusive grand opening lunch and made it his business to also catch up individually with the people behind the seven new hospitality offerings at Goodside.

The B:HIVE has been open for over a year at Smales Farm, with an interim entrance being used while the building is completed 100%. The introduction of the Goodside dining precinct coincided with the opening of the main entrance to the B:HIVE, which is accessed via the leafy Goodside dining precinct. Let me take you on a guided tour of what you will discover at Goodside…  https://goodside.co.nz/



The first new offering as you enter Goodside is Ripe Deli. Founded by owner Angela Redfern from humble beginnings in Grey Lynn 15 years ago, Ripe has become an Auckland institution with its incredible and innovative salads, free range meats, hot dishes, delectable quiches, savouries and of course their salivatingly good sweet treats.

The day I met Angela for a chat at Goodside, her new outlet had just opened, after she was first approached by David Smale to open a Ripe Deli in this exciting new precinct around two years ago.
“I liked David and the fact that Smales Farm was a family business and that their plans were innovative,” explained Angela about her decision. “So after a year of planning here we are and this is everything we thought it would be."
Angela says that Ripe’s customers have remained loyal to the quality of the produce they use in their food. The takeout and grab and go concept makes it the perfect option for breakfast and lunch, plus their ready to eat hot meals are perfect for busy professionals wanting an easy dinner solution. Sounds spot on for the B:HIVE.
“What we have is all takeaway, it’s all freshly made with high quality and always fresh ingredients. We bake here on site, we have dairy free and vegan options as well as our famous salads. We are also adding vegan soft-serve ice cream and sorbets to our offering at Goodside."
As I was leaving, Angela generously offered copies of her 'Ripe Recipes - A third helping’ 250-pages-plus cookbook as prizes for Channel readers. The popularity of her recipes only really hit home to me when I got home and pulled out one of the lovely books only to have my dear wife snaffle it saying, “this is on my present list for Christmas”.
Having Ripe Deli as a new addition on the Shore is fantastic. Ripe is the one-stop shop where you can always find something to tickle your taste buds, or find that perfect bite for any time of the day.

RIPE DELI at Goodside – Open Monday – Thursday 7am-7pm; Friday – Saturday 7am-4pm; Sunday – 8am-3pm.
Phone 360 6159. Email smales@ripedeli.co.nz
Visit: www.ripedeli.co.nz


Just beyond Ripe Deli at Goodside is Shake Out, a brand-new burger concept serving up a highly addictive menu of burgers, sides, shakes and sundaes – fast. The team behind Shake Out says that “quick and delicious no longer needs to be an oxymoron”.

At Shake Out, you’ll get a premium, grab-and-go burger experience, where everything can be held in one hand and quality ingredients have been chosen with care to craft fresh, deliciously fast food with your cravings in mind.
The Shake Out menu is simple, offering an addictive selection of burgers (cheese, double cheese, free-range chicken or veggie), sides, shakes and sundaes at a highly accessible price point.
The burgers are made with pure grass-fed New Zealand beef, free-range chicken and their own recipe Shake Out veggie patties. Shake Out buns are made from a blend of potato and pumpkin flour and lightly toasted with caramelised butter. They make all their own sauces and use only organic dairy and organic soft serve in the shakes and sundaes.
We were at Goodside at lunch time late in November just as the new Shake Out offering had opened for business and chatted with one of the B:HIVE tenants enjoying his first double cheeseburger. And enjoying it he was. The Shake Out team said their double cheeseburger is a must try and Darrel agreed.
Other interesting options on the menu include skin-on shoestring fries served with salt and vinegar mayo or cheese sauce (with a kick) and we recommend you grab a pickle-in a-cup for a truly unique to Shake Out experience. No visit will be complete without a shake made with organic New Zealand dairy. Choose from chocolate caramel, banana, four berry, cheesecake, lime pistachio or neuro choc berry. Wash it all down with a classic New Zealand soda, and finish with a Shake Out sundae.
When you’re craving a great burger at Goodside, you won't have to wait too long either. Customers can order via the Shake Out kiosk system and pay with a card, phone or watch as Shake Out is totally cashless. You can also eat-in at the Goodside or take-away - it’s totally up to you and the food is portable enough to be taken anywhere!
The Shake Out crew are helping to save the planet too. All of the packaging is compostable and recyclable – either in the bins provided inside Goodside or at home in your own heap (providing the correct conditions are achieved).

SHAKE OUT at Goodside – Open Sunday to Thursday 11am-9pm; Friday & Saturday 11am-11pm. 09 489 8223
or Email hello@shakeout.co. Visit: www.shakeout.co 


Nestled alongside Ripe Deli and Shake Out at Goodside is Goodness Gracious – notorious for its ridiculously tasty bagels. This is the third compact sized cafe for the popular and proven concept, with Goodness Gracious cafes offering their bagel centric menus in Eden Terrace (opened 2014) and Parnell (opened 2017).

Adding antipodean flair to a New York staple was part of founder Greg Cornes' vision for Goodness Gracious, partnering authentic bagels with perfect espresso based coffee. Greg, who loves doing big things in tight spaces, is constantly refining his winning concept after being “smashed” on the first day they opened their doors at Eden Terrace four years ago. North Shore folk are the winners and will love Goodness Gracious.
There are lots of bagel options to choose from (brekkie, BLAT, vege, salmon, chicken, pulled pork, beef, bacon and more) – all toasted New York style using sesame, plain, wholemeal, parmesan, raisin and gluten free bread. The kranksy and burger bagels could have any American fooled that they’re actually in New York. But this is New Zealand and the fresh local ingredients and craftsmanship of the chefs are what makes this an institution.
The coffee, tea and cold drinks menu will prove popular, with a 'must try' being the Bon Bon – a silky shot of espresso over a layer of condensed milk. There’s a tipple list as well for those who wish to enjoy a beverage with their favourite Goodness Gracious bagel, salad or meal.
“We’ve built a good reputation on the back of a value-for-money experience and the North Shore will love it at Goodside,” explained Greg Cornes when we met him for a chat at his new Goodness Gracious Goodside cafe, just as he was preparing to open in late November. “All our fillings are prepared in-house using good quality produce, we have fantastic coffee and engaging service."

GOODNESS GRACIOUS – open Monday to Friday 7.30am-4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm); Saturday 8am-4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm); Sunday 8am-3pm (kitchen closes at 2pm); Open public holidays.
Email: goodside@goodnessgracious.co.nz
Visit: www.goodnessgracious.co.nz


Another proven Goodside offering is &Sushi, which is just opposite Goodness Gracious, near the interior entrance to The B:HIVE at Smales Farm.

&Sushi is the passion of founder Jeff Kim, who used his experience and background in hotel management to launch the first of his three Japanese inspired cuisine eateries three years ago in Teed Street, Newmarket. This was followed by a second at the City Works Depot in the central city two years ago. Now Goodside at Smales Farm.
“My young kids have always loved sushi but I couldn't find a good one so I decided to create a sushi offering that I would be happy to take my kids to with pride and confidence,” explained Jeff, when quizzed about how his &Sushi journey began. “Most had too much fried and low quality food. My concept was an up-scale sushi offering and cafe.”
"I feel that &Sushi gives Japanese cuisine and the art of making sushi the respect it deserves, with a focus on quality, using only healthy free-range and organic local produce. 90% is gluten free – including key items such as rice, soya sauce and mayonnaise. There’s no doubt our loyal &Sushi customers appreciate our high standards and consistency."
“I had been thinking about Takapuna and the Shore for a while and when this [Goodside] came up I thought it was a cool development. We've spent about four months setting things up and I have discovered a great community here and have quickly built up a great rapport with everyone involved. It all feels like great fun. I feel we will be a crowd favourite at Goodside and a great addition the Goodside family."
At &Sushi customers can build their own plate of beautiful and colourful morsels to satisfy their cravings or select one of their many delicious rice bowls, udon bowls or salad bowls. Crispy chicken, cured salmon and perfectly dissected sashimi are all prepared fresh on the spot.
&Sushi is the perfect option at Goodside for healthy weekday lunches, or for those crispy fried meats for those days when you need a little cheat. They have a catering menu as well.

&SUSHI – Open Sunday to Wednesday 9am-3.30pm; Thursday-Saturday 9am-late.
Email sf@andsushi.co.nz. Visit: www.andsushi.co.nz


We’ve been waiting impatiently for the Smales Farm team to unveil their Goodside line-up of bars and eateries ever since the B:HIVE first opened. In putting together these profiles of the line-up, I can tell you that they haven’t disappointed. The line-up is diverse and impressive. One that has particularly excited me is SOHO. Offering Thai cuisine with a twist, it will be one of the last eateries to open – a little after the others, in January.

You only have to spend a few minutes chatting with Poom Saengngam to discover the passion he has for his new Soho restaurant at Goodside. Poom, who is Thai, has spent many years in the local hospitality scene, including Thai restaurants and most recently has been involved in the popular Billy Cafe in Newmarket. It has featured in the Metro Top 50.
Poom and his partner Jenny, head chef at Soho, pride themselves on preparing food from scratch, and creating dishes full of flavour and freshness. Centre stage is their rotisserie, roasting the finest local chicken, duck, wagyu beef and kurobuta pork. In setting up Soho at Goodside they have travelled extensively to such places as Melbourne, Sydney and Asia to discover latest trends in food.
“At Soho we are taking Kiwi favourites and using Thai flavours to provide a modern twist,” explained Poom, when we chatted on-site at Goodside. “Soho is our creation, something special. It is casual dining with a great vibe. All about fun with an emphasis on sharing. The flavours will be South East Asian – Thai, with influence also from neighbouring countries. We are both passionate about food, using only the freshest ingredients and this will be very evident at Soho.”
Poom says the Soho team will dedicate their love and experience of food to doing things differently, delivering an all-star experience for the taste buds.
“As well as great food, we place a big emphasis on the entire experience. Ensuring the very best service, a great drinks menu including cocktails, wine, spirits and beer, and always good coffee."

SOHO – Open (from January) Sunday to Wednesday
11am-9pm; Thursday to Saturday 11am-late.
Email: hello@sohoeats.co.nz  Visit: sohoeats.co.nz


The designers of the B:HIVE and Goodside precinct have done a magnificent job in creating a relaxed, leafy environment, with a plan to make it one of Auckland’s most delectable dining destinations. One of the completely new restaurants that fits comfortably into this environment, on the massive exterior deck area at Goodside, is The Grange. This is a new European restaurant and bar that has been launched by a well known North Shore family.

Appropriately, "Eat, drink, relax" is the strapline of The Grange – the creation of husband and wife team Mark and Linda Wilson, their daughter Holly together with her partner Nik Stakes and leading chef Glen File. They will be providing delicious food alongside local and International beverages in a relaxed and welcoming environment. Holly and Nik will manage the restaurant having returned from Melbourne where they managed popular eateries such as Chin Chin and Tipo 00. Executive chef Glen File has worked in restaurants such as Boulcoutt Street Bistro in Wellington, and more recently Baduzzi,
 the popular Italian inspired restaurant at Wynyard Quarter.
“We are thrilled to have someone of Glen’s calibre as Executive Chef and shareholder,” explained Mark Wilson, when we received a tour of The Grange in late November, just prior to the opening. "He is a proven performer and has created a modern European menu that is designed for contemporary style sharing in the relaxed atmosphere. We want this to have a Ponsonby Central and Britomart feel, but we are mindful that we are the North Shore. Shore people will love it, with an extensive wine list and a great bar area to match.”
Dishes such as king prawns with herb butter, and 12 hour roasted lamb shoulder are complemented by the best wines and beers from New Zealand and beyond.
Patrons will enjoy the dining options at The Grange. There is seating for 130 diners across the main dining room, covered terrace, a private dining room and outdoor dining. A prominent feature of The Grange is their Glasshouse, where they will grow fresh produce. Mark Wilson says there is a focus on fresh local and seasonal produce and being environmentally friendly.
The Grange will be open right throughout the day at Goodside – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It looks set to become one of the Shore’s best dining destinations.

THE GRANGE – Open every day 7am-late.
Email: dine@thegrangetakapuna.co.nz
Visit: www.thegrangetakapuna.co.nz


What has been created at The B:HIVE, Goodside and the wider Smales Farm area is a real community. The new Fantail & Turtle bar and eatery – that shares the exterior deck area with The Grange – looks set to become a key meeting place for the community. That’s the aim of Travis Field, the vibrant driving force behind, and owner of this new establishment.

Travis comes from a strong business background, ex-army, publishing and operated the No1 Queen Street bar in the city for many years. He brought GM James Wakefield with him from that establishment to help run Fantail & Turtle.
So first, the obvious question… why Fantail & Turtle?
“I had a mate I grew up with who passed away a few years back,” explained Travis Field. "We were very close, did everything together. We had nicknames for each other. I was Fantail and he was Turtle. So the name of the bar is in memory of my mate Turtle.”
Travis's friend left twin eight-year-old boys when he passed. That led Travis to become such a big player and tireless worker in the Big Buddy Charity organisation. He is currently the chairman of Big Buddy.
Travis adds that the substitute ampersand '&' in the Fantail & Turtle logo is a pikorua. Turtle gifted Travis a pikorua before he died. The pikorua in Māori stands for the bond between two people, whether this might be by friendship, love, or blood. The twist symbol also resembles the path of life and eternity.
Appropriately Travis Field says Fantail & Turtle is a place for genuine company: a bar and eatery founded on core values of friendship, community, manaakitanga and kaitiakitanga, with a beverage offering that acknowledges our independence and our appreciation of quality.
I’ve got to agree the environment certainly hits the spot. I have an inkling it will be popular right through the summer with relaxing outdoor areas, but you can also sense that the cosy inside areas will be a great places to meet for a tipple in the cold of winter as well.
At Fantail & Turtle you will find craft beer, cider and kombucha flowing from 30 taps, a community brewery, 50 wines from regions and countries that are synonymous with varietal excellence, an extensive gin selection enhanced with botanics fresh from the greenhouse, single malts to enjoy around the fire, and a range of classic cocktails to sip in the lounge. There’s also a modern sharing menu developed by chef (and Shore local) Jason Selbie, with some twists on classics, artisan pizzas and focused on showcasing local producers.
An interesting feature is community brewing. While I was chatting to Travis the invitation was put out to the Channel Magazine team to brew our own beer, then this would be offered for sale with proceeds going to the Big Buddy Charity that Travis is such a big supporter of.
What a great addition Fantail & Turtle is to our local North Shore hospitality scene!

FANTAIL & TURTLE – Open Monday to Friday 8am-late; Saturday-Sunday 11am-late. Email: hello@fantailandturtle.co.nz
Visit: www.fantailandturtle.co.nz