• Northcare Accident and Medical's Dr Peter Boot.
  • Northcare Accident and Medical's Dr Peter Boot.
  • Northcare Accident and Medical's Dr Peter Boot.
  • Northcare Accident and Medical's Dr Peter Boot.

High-tech medicine with a low-tech feel

Northcare is a new seven-days-a-week accident and medical centre, on the axis of the main east-west and north-south routes through the Shore. Its recent completion was the culmination of a vision for the Shore’s Dr Peter Boot, and its light, airy ambience and aggregation of medical services is testament to his commitment to providing a facility that takes as much stress as possible out of accident or medical treatments for patients.

Peter grew up around Hauraki Corner and after qualifying, opened Takapuna Medical Centre. Reading about the advent of combined A&E and general practice facilities being opened in Sydney led to his establishing Albany Basin Accident and Medical 20 years ago, his involvement in Silverdale Medical as that area developed, and Shorecare Accident and Medical in the then-new Smales Farm development.

Peter and his wife Justine bought the land on which Northcare now stands 16 years ago, and he’s proud of what they have now achieved. “Our absolute focus is on friendly fast service,” he says. Computer systems link Mercy Radiology to GP and specialist rooms, and prescriptions can be emailed direct to the onsite pharmacy so that all patients have to do is walk across the large central foyer and waiting area to pick up any medication they need.

Bookings can be made in advance online, and patients wishing to enrol at Northcare will very soon be able to do so online via their smartphones. That said, high tech is only used where it benefits patients. There is no automated phone system. “The phone is always answered by a person,” says Peter. Patients are able to access and feel welcomed to the facility in the way they choose.

“We have more than 20 years’ experience in providing medical services in Albany,” says Peter. “We know that doctors’ rooms and medical centres can be intimidating. I really wanted to make Northcare ‘unmedical’, family-friendly and stress free for all our patients.”.

The “unmedicalising” of Northcare includes soft music throughout; a café (appropriately called Remedy) with external access for the public as well as direct from the waiting area; and artworks, the most stunning of which is an illuminated and ever-changing polycarbonate “forest”, that softens the reception and waiting area and also effectively provides a screen for the nursing station and administration area.

In addition to GP, pharmacy and high-tech radiology services, Northcare offers urgent care and emergency facilities, physios, dentists, lab testing, hand specialists, ENT and audiology professionals, Skin Institute and other specialists including renal, respiratory and sleep, spinal and orthopaedic services.

Northcare Accident & Medical, 5 Home Place (off Constellation Drive), 09 479 7770 www.northcare.nz 

Open 7 days, 8am to 6.30pm.