Jamie living in Switzerland

This report for Channel Magazine is from Jamie Elley, Rotary Youth Exchange Student sponsored by Albany Rotary and currently living in Switzerland. Rotary International Youth Exchange is one of the oldest and most recognised Exchange Programmes in the world. Students have the opportunity to spend a year living overseas where they attend school and live with host families. This year we have sent nine well-motivated students to Europe. We currently have applications open for our Class of 2019 so if you know a student who would love to spend a year abroad learning a new language and teaching others our culture we’d love to have them apply. Applications are open until 8th April for more info please visit www.rotaryyouthexchange.co.nz

Grüezi aus der Schweiz!

When I first arrived in Switzerland, my first host family was waiting for me at the airport holding a welcome sign. For the next three days, I was hit by an overwhelming amount of jet lag but most of the time, my excitement overrode it. I’ve now been here just over a month.

My first trip was when my family took me to Saas-Fee to go snowboarding and it was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been with such soft snow!

In the second week here, I went to a German Language Camp for two weeks with all the other Rotary exchange students in Switzerland. It was really confusing because there were three girls called Jamie there! Not only did we learn German there, but we also learnt a lot about Switzerland and we also visited lots of places like Rhine Falls, St. Gallens and Zurich. It is beautiful.

Soon after that, I had my first day of class. Everybody was so welcoming. Even though I love the school here, I still have no clue what is going on in any class and especially in Maths because it is in French! It turns out I’m in a French immersion class! I take this as a challenge though and can’t wait to keep learning!