• Active street frontages, fine grain and tactile pedestrian experience.
  • Mix of old and new: respect for the old and for the neighbouring context.

Key aspirations identified for Birkenhead

Your regular update from the Birkenhead Residents Association

The team were delighted to launch the Birkenhead Neighbourhood Plan at the Birkenhead Artisan Market on 17 February. It now includes some new concepts around residential and built character that we hope will stimulate discussion and further exploration of some design principles for Birkenhead.

Community feedback last year identified a number of key aspirations relating to having a quality built environment that reflects Birkenhead’s character, heritage and diversity through high standards of design.

The feedback is summarised as:

• Ensure quality focus in design of built environment

• Encourage view-facing retail and public spaces in the village and other areas of the neighbourhood

• Integrate green focus in all development, eg green walls and rooves

• Residential development that respects the heritage and character of Birkenhead; protecting unique heritage buildings

• Development that supports a range of lifestyle needs and caters for all ages and abilities

• Design for the topography and landscape to enhance the natural beauty and land forms

• Retention of light and sunlight, especially in winter; minimise shadowing effects of new development.

These aspirations have been developed into design concepts that encourage developers, business and home owners to consider sustainable development and working with the natural environment for example by retaining established trees, stormwater harvesting and using locally sourced materials.

What’s next?
Planning is underway to consider what short-term activities can help us get started on enhancing our neighbourhood in line with this long-term vision through a range of place-making and community based initiatives.

The team is pleased to be part of stakeholder discussions about the Birkenhead War Memorial Park and will be looking for opportunities as part of those discussions to advocate for the principles within the plan. Later this month, Auckland Council will be releasing its Long-term Plan and Auckland Plan refresh and this will be another opportunity to promote our own plan’s aims.

We look forward to providing regular updates through 2018. Contact us at BirkenheadPlanning@gmail.com for further information or to get involved.