Lasting balance at Yoga Sanctuary

The Yoga Sanctuary in Mairangi Bay is under new ownership. 

Long-time North Shore resident, Mary Buckley has always known Yoga Sanctuary in the heart of Mairangi Bay and part of this local community.  “It’s over 20 years old, so I look forward to the opportunity to nurture the business for another 20 years or longer.”  Mary has always been interested in health and wellness and practised yoga on and off since her late teens.  “Yoga is a practice that supports you at various stages of life when you need to find space and balance,” says Mary.

Yoga Sanctuary has a beautiful selection of expert yoga teachers who are very loyal to this studio; together they help people find a balance that endures through varying levels of yoga, specialising in vinyasa, yin and restorative practices.  In addition to Yoga Sanctuary’s current schedule, Mary will introduce early morning weekday classes for the early risers, and increase the offering to the under 18s with some teenage after-school classes.

It only takes about 6 to 12 weeks of regular yoga practice to start feeling the benefits, from increased mental and physical energy, to a boost in alertness with fewer negative feelings.  Mary believes that “Yoga Sanctuary is like a supportive friend, there to greet you with a warm embrace.  Our teachers will guide you on your journey to life’s full potential, a world free from aches and pains where time stands still.”

Keep a look-out on the Yoga Sanctuary website for the return of regular workshops. “These will include sessions for those who are new to yoga and would like to be expertly guided through yoga basics”  Sign up to Yoga Sanctuary's weekly newsletter and receive your first yoga session free.  Mary also has introduction offers for those who would like to try a variety of classes. 

In the future Yoga Sanctuary will partner with Mary’s other business, Shore Travel, to offer overseas yoga retreats. “In the meantime, we have the annual Mana retreat in the Coromandel for those who enjoy a weekend of me-time with like-minded people in this serene beautiful location.”

Issue 153 June 2024