• Impact Art for charity: Paddy Stafford-Bush (left) with Andi Merkens

Nature in a Vase brings impact to art for charity

In early April, Bayleys in Devonport hosts a different kind of art show called ‘Nature in a Vase’, to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation. The two artists responsible for this initiative talk to Bruce Craig about how the art show came about.

Paddy Stafford-Bush and Andi Merkens have, in their words, “hung out together for years”. Paddy says, “We have always shared an interest in art and it seemed like suddenly we started doing this collaborative painting. Like others, I find it fun and therapeutic; it is good for the soul.”

Andi has a background in commercial art but moved into fine art when she lived in Rarotonga for five years, where she painted vaka, tivaevae and flora. More recently, she has painted sparrows, juxtaposing them with commercial images. She says, “Paddy and I began to spark off each other in terms of painting and art and that has led to this series of works. I am a bird painter and this is quite different to what I would normally do.”

The two artists use a multi-media approach, mixing different elements such as paint, oil, paper and wood to produce their work. The work is experimental and described as ‘impact art’.

‘Nature in a Vase’ will be a fun evening for all who attend, providing an opportunity to both celebrate this new style of artwork and to raise funds for a worthy cause.

Paddy is no stranger to helping others. She has spent her life working in and for the community and received a Queens Service Medal in recognition for efforts. She says, “For us, the art is quite experimental and because have had such great joy in doing it, we wanted to share this with others. It feels wonderful to be able to give rather than just to do it for ourselves.”

Lynda Betts, from Bayleys, says, “Bayleys Devonport is proud to host this charity art auction for the benefit of Make-A-Wish New Zealand, for which Bayleys Foundation is the elite sponsor.

“Bayleys people love to see lives transformed by creating life changing wishes for Kiwi children with critical illnesses. The positive impact of a wish lasts long after the wish is granted and spreads the positivity to everyone involved. We aim to give the kids hope, strength and joy at a difficult time in their lives. We work hard to grant a wish that is meaningful and has a lasting impact for the child and their family. We look forward to seeing you there.”

Nature in a Vase, 5-7pm 3rd April at Bayleys Devonport, 83 Victoria Road, Devonport

Email: rebecca.matheson@bayleys.co.nz

Issue 107 March 2020