Shhh! Motherhood, mayhem and emotional cabbage

For anyone who has a mother, is a mother or is thinking about becoming a mother.

No way is Tina having children; her mother and grandmother were both committed with postnatal depression... but then she falls pregnant. Based on true stories, Shhh! explores one woman’s plunge into motherhood, the soothing power of cabbage, and a tango with her inner critic.

A mix of physical theatre, storytelling and live music, the show is written and performed by North Shore local, Lisa Brickell (NZ) and musician/actor Siri Embla (Norway). Brickell masterfully switches between four generations of characters and their hilarious ‘inner critic’ which she performs in a Commedia dell’arte style half mask. Composed by Sarah Macombee (UK), directed by Ruth Dudding (NZ) and Giovanni Fusetti (Italy), it explores postnatal distress, which affects approximately one in seven women and many men every year. The show is rich with personal anecdotes from Brickell’s own family and the stories of the other women involved in the project. It's informed by the work of Dr Diana Jefferies, who studied historical accounts of women admitted to Sydney’s Callan Park and Gladesville Hospitals from 1885 to 2001. Brickell has also closely collaborated with mental health organisation, Changing Minds. 

Presented by the Rose Centre and Funny Business, they warmly invite you to their two fundraising performances, to help raise money to take the show to Europe and the film to festivals and make both available as a mental health resource. The shows will be followed by a cast, crew and community screening of the short film, 'Unlatched', the Mockingbird film 'RecoVRy', and an optional Q&A session.

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