• Shore Junction is nearing completion.

Shore Junction – The Build Continues

Through the recent developments of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown, things looked to be on hold for Shore Junction, with the building project being put on hiatus due to the effects of LEVEL 4 Lockdown. Just as the cleaners were going in and we had started to acquire furniture, the signs went up “Do Not Enter” with those three words our Grand Opening went on hold, our ANZAC commemoration went on hold, our ladies lunch went on hold and our builders along with the rest of us went into lockdown

Then with the transition into Level 3, the builders were back on site, all be it restricted and following strict guidelines movement could be seen.  With this, it has given us hope that the build will be done and dusted soon, with open doors and the ability to help our young people living on the North Shore.

The only caveat: When. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how we proceed and when will people be able to gather, what measures do we take to ensure the safety of everyone involved? Do we continue as per usual and deal with developments and situations as they come to light? All these questions seem to plague this us right now, who could have known.

But what we do know is that Shore Junction will be more vital than before Covid 19, to support the reengagement of young people, to provide opportunities to build skills and confidence, to work with local business to encourage the mentoring and possible employment of young people.

A place to study, to catch up, to call their own, some of the needs of the young people will be the same, some different after the experiences of Covid-19, Shore Junction will be there waiting to embrace young people and meet their very unique needs.

As with all things of uncertainty, especially in times like these, hope is one of the most valued commodities and drivers that can be given or received. It is with hope that we will have this build ready for our young people when this whole crisis comes to an end. It is with hope that this building will see its doors open wide and its facilities used to make dreams come true. It is with hope, that through these testing times, Shore Junction will just be one of many safe havens for our young people to come to learn, connect, play, discover, and thrive.