Takapuna’s secret haven for fuller hair

Forget special shampoos and gummy supplements – The Face Place has a safe and simple medical treatment to improve hair density.

The Face Place on Northcroft Street is renowned as a leader in skin services, dermal fillers and Botox, but one of its popular treatments right now is none of the above. In fact, it’s an innovative treatment for thinning hair called platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
The beauty of PRP is that it is isolated from your own blood – meaning it’s effective but also very safe. Platelet-rich plasma is simply the healing parts of your blood, taken from a blood sample and concentrated in a centrifuge machine. One vial of blood will yield about 20 little syringes of PRP. When the PRP solution is injected into any area on the body, it floods the area with growth factors and rejuvenates at a cellular level.
PRP is very versatile. At The Face Place they use it for skin rejuvenation and to improve scarring. It’s also a key component of their Vampire Facial PLUS and other Vampire treatments.
When PRP is injected specifically into the scalp, it stops the hair from miniaturising (getting smaller and thinner), and helps ‘wake up’ existing hair follicles, reversing hair thinning.
While the treatment is innovative, it’s also simple and straightforward. The injecting part of your appointment is only about 20 to 30 minutes. However, you would first need to have a full consultation to ensure you don’t have any underlying conditions, and are fully informed and prepared to get the best results.
Thinning hair is a very common concern for both men and women. Hormonal changes, stress and ageing affect both genders, although they can present in different ways. Men with high levels of di-hydro-testosterone often show male-pattern baldness, while women might experience thinning all over.
Some men also want to avoid medication such as Finasteride and Minoxidil (commonly used for hair loss) because they can affect libido and sexual performance as they reduce testosterone levels. The Face Place also treat men who have had hair transplants and want to nurture their new hair growth as much as possible, as well as women who suffer from traction alopecia (hair loss due to tension from extensions or braids).
For both men and women, losing your hair can negatively affect self-confidence. On the flip side, The Face Place clinicians report that PRP is such a rewarding treatment to perform, because it truly makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Look at The Face Place before & after photo to see the transformation!
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PRP To Bring Back That Spark!

PRP isn’t just for revitalising your hair and skin – it can help rejuvenate any tissue, including your intimate parts. They are trainers in PRP for sexual rejuvenation. The O-Shot for women can improve sexual function and orgasm as well as assist with leaky bladder. They also have the P-Shot for men. For both treatments, we follow the same steps as above to extract the PRP (or ‘liquid gold’) and then inject this back into specific intimate areas. This floods the area with growth factors and rejuvenates the surrounding tissue.
"We also offer a revolutionary non-surgical treatment using radiofrequency energy called ThermiVa, which helps rejuvenate the vagina to tighten it, minimise discomfort from labia lips and treat stress urinary incontinence," said Dr Catherine Stone.
"There are many reasons why someone may opt to take charge of this area – whether they are post-childbirth, going through menopause or just have a desire to increase intimacy in a relationship."
Our entire team is extremely well-versed in this topic and very discreet. Many of us have tried these treatments ourselves too!
Phone them on 0800 COSMED to book a consultation to get all your questions answered.