• The Specialists Takapuna is the collaborative effort of three accomplished surgeons, from left, Dr Richard Martin, Dr Katherine Gale and Dr Jason Robertson
  • Dr Richard Martin, Dr Katherine Gale and Dr Jason Robertson
  • An artists impression of what the building will look like on completion over coming weeks. The Specialists Takapuna are located on level two of the building on the corner of Campbell Road and Anzac Street
  • Doctors Richard Martin, Katherine Gale and Jason Robertson in the local anaesthetic theatre that is on site at The Specialists Takapuna

The Specialists Takapuna

Elevating surgical care in our community

At Channel Magazine, we love to showcase positive developments in our community, and few are as exciting as the upcoming opening of 'The Specialists Takapuna', a new medical centre in the heart of Takapuna. This venture is the collaborative effort of three accomplished surgeons: Dr Katherine Gale, Dr Jason Robertson, and Dr Richard Martin.

During my visit to the facility in early December, even amid ongoing construction, it was clear that the familiar building on the corner of Campbell Road and Anzac Street was undergoing a major transformation. This new state-of-the-art healthcare hub is strategically located for maximum accessibility, with convenient on-site parking and all just a short stroll from the beach. Within the facility, you'll also find Takapuna Health (formerly Dodson Medical), a well-established general medical practice offering an extensive range of medical services.
I recently chatted with Richard, Jason and Katherine about the exciting launch of The Specialists Takapuna (TST). What stood out from our conversation was their shared commitment to creating a high-quality, patient-centred practice, which was the driving force behind the establishment of TST. These three surgeons not only work closely as consultant colleagues at North Shore Hospital but also share a longstanding affinity for Takapuna and the broader North Shore community.
The TST team explained that, in addition to their work as general surgeons, they each have undergone further international subspecialist training, allowing them to provide comprehensive surgical care. Dr Katherine Gale, a dedicated oncoplastic breast surgeon, is highly regarded for her skills in breast cancer management and complex reconstruction options. Dr Richard Martin, renowned for his expertise in melanoma and skin cancer plus thyroid and parathyroid surgery, brings a wealth of experience to TST and Dr Jason Robertson, a highly skilled bariatric and upper gastrointestinal surgeon, completes the trio with expertise in weight loss, acid-reflux, and minimally invasive surgery.
As we look forward to the grand opening of The Specialists Takapuna, we asked each director for their thoughts on this significant milestone and how it will benefit their patients.
Jason sees the launch of TST as a great opportunity to offer all-encompassing care, especially for his patients undergoing weight loss surgery. His skilled team, which includes a dietitian, psychologist, and nurse specialist, all provide comprehensive support for weight loss and overall health. What's even better is that this expanded care comes at a more affordable price, making quality care accessible for his patients.
Katherine eagerly anticipates The Specialists Takapuna's opening, as it marks a culmination of her passion for oncoplastic breast surgery, along with the management of benign breast conditions, including gender affirming chest wall surgery. The establishment allows her to offer high-quality patient centred care alongside her team, which includes a breast nurse, providing invaluable patient support. Katherine is excited about contributing to the community's health and well-being through TST's transformative impact on surgical care.
Richard is thrilled at the prospect of opening the new rooms, which have been a labour of love to design and build. Whilst major surgeries will be performed at Southern Cross North Harbour, there is a local anaesthetic theatre on site. Along with his colleagues and amazing staff he can’t wait to provide the best surgical care on the North Shore and experience the vibrant businesses and community.
The Specialists Takapuna represents a new era in healthcare for our community. It reflects the dedication of three specialists committed to providing accessible and patient-focused services. As the centre prepares to open, we commend Dr Richard Martin, Dr Katherine Gale, and Dr Jason Robertson for their efforts in advancing surgical care in Takapuna.

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Issue 149 February 2024