• Debbie Morgan, MorArt.
  • Ingrid Dawson, Tango's Shoes.
  • Steph King, Painted Bird.

Top three tips for an easy, breezy summer

Milford Village People

Summer can be very busy with social activities, warmer weather and more food to prepare for the troops. Channel’s Nikki Davidson asked our Milford Village People for their top three tips on how to stay cool and calm during this time.

Caro Imrie, World Travellers

1. Have a wine and then be sensible and have water in between those wines, especially when heading overseas in the sun for the summer holiday.

2. Buy a Universal Travel adaptor – and not just one for the country you are going to as many hotels these days and cruise lines have both types of power points – don’t get caught out.

3. The New Year Sale is the BEST SALE OF THE YEAR  - it comes out early January so list with us for the best deal packages that come out – because they are amazingggggggggggggg. Do join our email database or just call us and we can put you on ‘the list’.

Debbie Morgan, MorArt

1. Slaving over a hot oven is an absolute no-no! We try and cook as much as we can outside accompanied by lots of salads. In my opinion there's nothing worse than standing over a hot oven when you are trying to keep cool on a hot summers evening. Outdoor cooking usually involves the husband too, so even better, winning!

2. We always try to go for a nice evening walk after dinner, preferably on the beach where there's a nice sea breeze. It's a great opportunity to chat about the day that we may not otherwise get time to do, whilst enjoying our beautiful local beaches.

3. I'm a firm believer in wearing natural fibres to keep you cool during the hot months. Take our OBR range of cotton and fine silky breathable merino for instance, a must for your summer wardrobe.

Steph King, Painted Bird

1. Staying cool in summer for me definitely involves wearing floaty vintage maxis and hats! Cover your shoulders with a authentic light Japanese silk kimono. It is so easy to look chic and current with a piece of unique jewellery and pair it with a cute vintage top and shorts or skirt.  Evening barbeques are simple in gently tailored vintage shifts. Summer dressing is easy and stylish with Painted Bird.

2. Food needs to be fresh and fun: fruit salads full of colour and flavour explosions to make everyone smile; salads embellished with nuts and seeds to create a tasty mouthful every bite; and freshly caught fish – you can’t beat a summer in New Zealand. Heaven on a kebab stick.

3. Stay calm in the summer by taking a bit of time to feel the sand in your toes, run your hands through the fresh green grass and watch busy ants doing their best. Hug your family over the holidays if you are with them and look out to sea as much as you can – who doesn’t find that calming?

Ingrid Dawson, Tango's Shoes

1. Gift buying is high in everyone's priorities at the moment. My advice is to have a list, start early and find a new shopping area to focus on (such as Milford!) with unique boutique shops you wouldn't usually have time to visit. This can turn Christmas shopping into a relaxing, delightful experience.

2. Summer can be such a hectic time of the year with parties and weddings etc. Being the super organised person I am, I like to have it all sorted early so I'm not flying around and stressing out. Usually I start with a great pair of killer heels as my statement piece - I know I can then work any sort of outfit around them.

2. BBQ season is one of my favorite times of the year, relaxing with friends and family. Of course at Tango's we have a fabulous selection of smart/casual sandals in a wide range of vibrant colours which will have you feeling fresh and chic for these relaxed outdoor occasions. Our friendly team in Milford love helping our ladies choose the perfect style.


Issue 94 December 2018