Always Learning

As we enter winter, we take a look at learning.

We’re delighted to showcase our brilliant local schools each month, sharing their news, and this issue we welcome Rangitoto College and Carmel College into the magazine. The opportunities offered to Shore students, their experiences and achievements from our Shore schools is phenomenal. The huge breadth and depth of learning offered by each school aims to provide young people with a solid foundation for ‘lifelong learning’. In this issue, we look not only at our schools, but at opportunities and inspiration for learning beyond school. We hope to inspire you to get off this couch this month, learn a new skill or find yourself a new challenge this winter.

We have some packed social pages this issue following one of our busiest Mays for events to take our Channel camera ‘Out & About’ to. You’ll find plenty of Shore people to read about, as always and informative columns from our contributors across many fields.

There are always quality shows, exhibitions and performances to share from the Shore’s art scene. We hope to encourage readers to get along and support the local visual and performing arts venues each month to soak up what’s on offer. This month we share an innovative new project from Lake House Arts, in which art and technology combine to create a first for the Shore - and Auckland - a community virtual reality art studio. The facility, which left our writer Christine Young wide-eyed and wowed when she tried it last month, is available for artists of any age or experience and offers an eye into a world of virtual, and augmented, reality. Get in touch with charismatic manager Grae Burton and his Lake House Arts team to give it a try this month! 

Whether it be learning a new skill, visiting a new store, trying out a new restaurant or seeing a new show…get out there and give it a go this winter.