• Heather Vermeer, Christine Young, Aidan Bennett, Nikki Davidson at the Benefitz 30th birthday bash.
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Celebrating Never Giving Up

There is a lot to celebrate this month. 

On the day we go to print with this issue, our team enjoyed a fundraising lunch at the gorgeous Regatta restaurant by Takapuna Beach. Not only was it a fundraiser for the new youth hub for Takapuna, Shore Junction, which Channel is right behind, but it was also a celebration. As the RSA building in which it will be housed remains empty, it would seem that this is the start, but far from it. 

The event speakers - Shore women Liz Bracewell, Sonia Thursday and Alexia Hilbertidou - shared stories which, intentional or not, shared a theme of ‘never giving up’. The focus was not on a daunting road ahead, but on celebrating how far they’d come. For many years, many people have wished for a community space for youth to meet in Takapuna. The project is now finally getting off the ground. That was cause enough for a celebration, to help spread the word and raise funds for the project (over $18,000 was raised at the lunch). There is always more than one way of looking at a situation and this celebration reminded our team of that. 

Never giving up during tough times, working together and celebrating successes are what our publisher Aidan Bennett cites as reasons behind the longevity of Channel’s publishing company Benefitz as it marks 30 years in business. The company has grown from Aidan and his brother Dallas, to the company it is today, with over 85 staff and a proud portfolio of clients and years of giving back to the Shore community, which was rewarded with a QSM for Aidan earlier this year. 

Another celebration in this issue is the birthday of Northart, which turns 20 this year. From reading Christine Young’s story on page 84 you’ll see how manager Wendy Harsant made this gorgeous Northcote gallery and community art space happen. 

We share words from local people on their homes and what they mean to them in our At Home feature, which also aims to inspire you to freshen up your indoor spaces this season. And, as always, have plenty of shopping ideas in Shop the Shore, a bumper crop of Out & About photos, Q & As, school news and shares from our regular Channel columnists. 

And that’s before I’ve even got started on the rugby. Aidan loved meeting the Harbour Rugby players and staff for our cover and has delved deeper into 'The Harbour Way' for this issue. 

Enjoy August on the Shore.