• Aidan Bennett, Heather Vermeer, Crystal Sharp, Christine Young, (seated) Leo Kitt Yeng, Lizzie Speedy-Willis.
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Keeping It Fresh This Spring

Here we are in October. With the wintery weather behind us, spring seems to be with us in more than just name now, thankfully. In putting this magazine together, a common theme of conversation was how ready everyone was for spring/summer. It’s seemed a very long time since we were able to swim in warm waters, comfortably wear summer clothing and feel the sun on our backs on the Shore. Bring it on, October! 

Fresh this spring is Channel’s new-look website. It's been given a makeover during winter and is ready for launch at the start of this month. Our publisher, Benefitz, has an impressive team of web developers as part of its multi-faceted services. Key member is Leo Kitt Yeng, who cleverly created the new site for us, working closely alongside our tireless, ultra-efficient Channel designer Crystal Sharp. It carries the cohesive brand we’ve built for the magazine, which is now reflected across all we do: website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, magazine collection boxes, Channel car, email correspondence, media kit and ads. 

The new website is live at www.channelmag.co.nz 

We’re pleased to offer readers and clients a more comprehensive multi-platform experience each month with a team member, Lizzie Speedy-Willis, now on board to focus on our online and social media presence. Our social media ‘handle’ (‘name’, for those less au fait with tech speak) is @channelmag so join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for extra content. 

Positive content is what we’re about, both in the magazine and online. Mr Gundry, an exception, does his best to balance things up on the positive / negative spectrum with his monthy ‘Grumbles’. His opinions can sometimes be controversial and divisive, but word-of-mouth feedback often received by our team is that readers enjoy his monthly musing on Shore matters. 

This month we’ve produced a special lifestyle feature that celebrates ‘Positive Ageing’. We had much discussion in our office about what this October feature should be named. Differences of opinion on whether certain words or terms were pigeon-holing or labelling, offensive or acceptable, were interesting. Ageing is a constant. Hopefully the content in this magazine encourages embracing this with a positive attitude.