• Channel's Heather Vermeer, Nikki Davidson, Christine Young and Aidan Bennett at the Benefitz-sponsored TBBA night at Regatta.
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Positive Progress and Purging Plastic

We’re all happy to get to our September issue, and warmly look forward to those golden summer months ahead on the Shore.

Our team puts a lot effort into producing this magazine and this month I think we’ve managed to excel ourselves with the amount of positive people-focused news to read.

This month marks 125 years since women won the right to vote here in New Zealand. We led the world in equality back then, but how far have we come? Lyn Potter, Lake House Arts board member and proud second generation feminist, provides us with a local take on this. 

Empowering women is the aim of GirlBoss, an organisation set up by young Shore student Alexia Hilbertidou whilst she was a pupil at Albany High School. Alexia has developed the network beyond 8000 members with a wide-reaching impact, and was recognised for her work with a Queen’s Young Leaders Award. See her stunning photos of her meeting with royalty and read about her passion for empowerment and equality on page 48.

News broke late last month on the vote outcome in favour of progress on a new town square for Takapuna. Christine Young put some questions to Panuku Development Auckland following the announcement that the project would forge ahead, see page 57.

Our spring fashion feature checks in with some stylish locals on what their clothing says about them, and shares some ideas on looks for the coming season from some of our gorgeous Shore stores. And fresh spring yellows and greens are the focus of our monthly Shop the Shore pages.

I’m pleased to say that this month Channel goes plastic free. No longer will the magazine land in your mailbox wrapped in cellophane. Whilst this has helped keep your copies dry over the years, we’ve taken the decision to remove it. Our team made lifestyle changes to reduce waste during Plastic-Free July and, given the recent legislation on the banning of single use plastic bags, we feel now is the time to act. We hope that the magazine lands with you, dry, but feel the risk of it getting wet is a small price to pay for the responsibility we all have to the planet.

We hope all our readers do their bit to purge the plastic too and refuse - reuse - recycle!