• The Novelli Lexus line-up outside their North Shore head office.
  • Novelli CEO Dave Pinker.


Novelli and Lexus of North Shore...

Since 2010 Lexus of North Shore have been the sponsors of the annual North Harbour Club Charity Lunch series. This is the series of four lunches that we have during the year with quality speakers, great food and fine wine. The alignment between Lexus and the North Harbour Club is a very appropriate one, with the strong emphasis on excellence.

As well as excellence, Lexus spells out luxury and prestige, sure. But it’s not just a car. It shows that you value dependability, design, and innovation. It shows that you have arrived, and how. It is not surprising that some of the most influential and successful people drive a Lexus. Lexus of North Shore went to talk with Dave Pinker, inspiring entrepreneur and director of locally based business Novelli to find out why he chose Lexus from the other luxury cars in the market. He didn’t choose just one Lexus – he has a fleet of them for his creative promotional marketing agency that brings brands to life with world-leading promotional apparel and merchandise from across the globe.

Novelli has evolved to become a major supplier to the New Zealand apparel and creative promotional goods market. Owned by the same passionate family since 1931, it can be relied upon for a wealth of experience and expertise.

NORTHSIDE: What was your latest purchase from Lexus of North Shore?
I have purchased seven Lexus, and the latest Lexus purchases were a brand new 2016 Lexus RX350 and Lexus RX450h.

NS: Why did you choose the Lexus RX?
Having already owned and driven different Lexus models I wanted a SUV delivering a luxurious and powerful ride that was also reasonably priced. Well, I think for what you get, these Lexus vehicles are just that. I’m really happy with our RX450 Hybrid purchase since it ticks all the innovative boxes but I personally prefer to drive the RX350 because I like to hear the engine.

NS: Choose three words to describe the New Lexus RX you drive?
Quality, comfort, reliability.

NS: What Lexus features do you most appreciate?
The engine. I really like the feeling of a smooth drive backed with power. For me it’s about acknowledging  all the research and design time that has gone into creating each feature, the interior is intuitive and you know they have designed the features for the driver rather than just to look good. The new exterior design stands out more and is instantly recognisable, which I consider important.

NS: Why did Novelli choose to drive Lexus as company vehicles?
When the vehicle you drive is both a personal choice and a company decision, it is more about representing the company, knowing the company is supplying the best for employees and making first impressions count.  or a high-end vehicle, I think it's fair what you're paying. There’s no comparison in my mind, it’s a cost effective solution for us to own both new and pre-owned Lexus. I think our company Novelli reflects similar attributes as Lexus, in terms of durability, quality, and craftsmanship.

NS: What are your thoughts around a vehicle being a reflection of a company’s values and branding?
I think it's important. As Novelli grew over the years, we transferred from using Toyota to Lexus. We still use Toyota vehicles for my industrial companies but Novelli required a more luxurious and progressive vehicle.  At Novelli, we have similar beliefs as Lexus valuing higher ideals, change and innovation, and like Lexus of North Shore we know it’s important to share knowledge and give the best possible service at every opportunity.

More than an innovator, Lexus is a visionary which clear meets with Dave Pinker’s own thinking. There is something about a Lexus that makes heads turn. No matter what you are looking for, with the ongoing development of new models and technology, there is most likely a Lexus model that can meet your needs. Talk to Mark Jago and his team today!

LEXUS OF NORTH SHORE –  4 Link Drive, Wairau Park. Email: info@lexusofnorthshore.co.nz. Phone 09-442-3670. www.lexusofnorthshore.co.nz