• Sarah Wilson, Imogen Wilson, Roy Eustace.
  • Erin Avison, Ari Avison.
  • Israel Partridge, Lily Partridge, Samuel Zhang, Cathy Zhang.
  • Maree Hillyer, Reekie Davis.
  • Stephanie Coffman, Lottie Coffman.
  • Cathrine Killorn, Ariana Killorn, Marle Kuhn, Liam Kuhn.
  • Rebecca Pike, Harriet Pike, Anna Pike.

Life's a Beach in Browns Bay

It's been a long hot summer and Shore beaches have been the places to be for locals and visitors alike. Browns Bay beachfront has been bustling seven days a week with people enjoying time in the outdoors with family and friends, making the most of the reserve, boardwalk and big beachfront playground, as well as the stunning stretch of sandy beach. Channel's Kath Allen went for a wander with her camera to see who was out and about making the most of one of the Shore's most popular beaches in late February. 

Issue 85 March 2018