• Jennifer McKenzie, Owen Melhuish, Sandra Ivelja.
  • Becky West, Gina Cook, Matt Carnell.
  • Dianne Sussex, Ian Revell, Bron Van der Geest.
  • Andrew Hill, Neil Edmond, Kevin Haviland.
  • Adam Mather, Terence Harpur, Steve Shute.
  • Greg Young, Hamish Maude, Richard Hills.

Celebrating growth businesses

The TBBA networking evening at the end of July was hosted by Deloitte Private Takapuna. Deloitte Private has celebrated New Zealand’s fastest growing businesses for the last 19 years through the Deloitte Fast 50. Richard Hale, a partner in Deloitte Private introduced two local success stories from the 2018 Deloitte Fast 50: Richard Conway, ceo of Pure SEO, and Gareth Berry, ceo of Unleashed, both of whom started their businesses just on 10 years ago and have achieved impressive growth over that period. They talked about the challenges and successes in their businesses, and offered some advice to other business owners aiming for growth.