• Betsy and Andrew Scherer with Wolf.
  • Alyssa Boyd, Caitlin Pierce, Layke Thwaites, Dorothy Stevens and John Hartley with Mollie & Chester.
  • Denise Campbell with Bill, Noho & Luke; Aislin Taylor & Milo.
  • Kathryn and Steven Nobbs with Tesla & Banbo.
  • Robert Morton & Josh, Gillian Mayo & Peggy.
  • Vanessa and Paul Lomax with Chester & George, Jorgina and Indiya MacKenzie with Harriet & Herbie
  • Naomi and Michele Dean & Boston.

Dogs have their day in Devonport

Canines of all breeds, shapes and sizes were accompanied by their owners and caregivers on 8th April as they assembled at Windsor Reserve for the 2018 Devonport Dog Parade. With prizes on offer for best dressed, best smile, best tail wag, Most Clever, and Devonport’s Next Canine Supermodel, all dogs were on their best behaviour. The mood was mellow and while dog-lovers chatted with owners or vied to get the best doggy photo, most of the pooches were simply enjoying the sunshine or scavenging for the tastiest treat.