• Nicole Birch, Kiko Ipsen, Toko Kawashima and Georgia Winnie.
  • Posies at Daily Bread.
  • Nicole Birch.
  • Kali Rapley-Inia.
  • Oliver Jewell.
  • Vyron Smith and Esther Keown.
  • Chris King, Brady and Gina De Araujo.
  • Posies at Daily Bread.

Flat whites and flowers - local businesses collaborate

Daily Bread in Belmont and local florist Ivy and Birch in Devonport have collaborated to go that extra mile to keep a smile on locals' faces during these tough times. Nicole Birch, owner and director of Ivy and Birch has been delivering beautiful fresh bouquets and posies every Wednesday and Friday mornings to Daily Bread in Belmont. Customers seeking their morning caffeine fix and gastronomic nibbles have loved the displays of colourful, 'brighten-your-day' blooms, a collaboration that has been widely appreciated and supported. As all local businesses struggle to navigate the new normal, these positive steps to combat the negative effects of Covid on our communities are a welcome addition, loved by locals and regulars. Our advice – get in quick to support both these wonderful local businesses – the posies literally fly off the shelves and the coffee and treats are superb – both certainly add smiles and positivity to the morning coffee run. Keep up the great work, guys!

Issue 125 November 2021