• Benefitz 'Bene and the Fitz': Aidan Bennett, Karen McKinlay, Lizzie Speedy-Willis, Ella Hawkins, Jarrah Emery.
  • 'Neilsen Worker Bees' Steve Bowkett, Sandra Heveldt, Hoon Kim, Lyndel Shamrock, Georgie Poulter.
  • 'Shore on Ice' Richard Hills, Terence Harpur, Toni van Tonder, Jennifer McKenzie.
  • 'NLSN' Caroline Atford, Rachel Brown, Maria Telles, Tony Boyte, Geoff Smith.
  • 'Cold Fuzz' Darren Russell, Justin West, Blair Atkinson, Andy Francis, Ming Dong, Gareth Davis, Paul Hayward.
  • Brianna Hadley, Jo Hadley, Michelle Webb, Nathan Hadley.
  • Ben Lapworth, Callum Horler, Hendrik Terhart, Mark 'Spiderman' Fisher, Anton Polito, Sean Buck, Rob Sellars.
  • 'Bene and the Fitz' Aidan Bennett, Karen McKinlay, Lizzie Speedy, Ella Hawkins, Jarrah Emery.
  • 'KVB Kunlun Koolers' Roy Tan, Damian Shaw, Adi Zhang, Candy Luo.
  • 'Bene & the Fitz' singing to Benny and the Jets.
  • More ice for the 'Cold Fuzz'.
  • 'Team Hocus Pocus' and their very brave young challengers.
  • Team NLSN taking the ice plunge.
  • The 'Smales Farm Boss Team' take the icy plunge.
  • 'Bene and the Fitz' warming up in the hot spa pool after the icy plunge.
  • Aidan Bennett as Elton John.
  • Lizzie Speedy-Willis.
  • Ella Hawkins.
  • Team 'NLSN' achieve their icy challenge.

Heartstopping charity plunge at Smales Farm

Teams of brave North Shore work colleagues came out in force at Smales Farm on Thursday 4th October to raise funds for HeartKids. The 360 Heartstopper challenge saw creative teams in some crazy costumes sit for 360 seconds in a 10 degree spa pool topped up with ice. Channel's publishing company Benefitz took the plunge, raising close to $3,000. Taking the lead was publisher Aidan Bennett dressed as Elton John, complete with mini-grand piano, performing one of his greatest hits: Benny & the Jets became Bene & the Fitz. 

Each year, 550 major heart surgeries are performed on children and babies with heart defects in New Zealand. During surgery a child’s chest cavity can be filled with an icy slush to slow the heart’s requirement for oxygen, which can help give the surgeon a longer window of operating time, inspiring the ice challenge theme of the event. The teams all lasted the distance, defrosting afterwards in a warm spa pool, and surpassing the fundraising target set by raising $18,374 between them.

Issue 93 November 2018