• Stella Jones, Holly Strong and Tara Gray.
  • Karan Lambert, Sarah Scholz and Andrea Collen.
  • Fairouz, Mohammad, Israa and Faris Elessawy.
  • Taerin Lee, Himeka Konishi and Jaehyo Park.
  • Stephen Eder and Lana McCarthy.
  • Leo, Andi and Matt Bouzaid.
  • Kayla, Robyn, Morne and Samantha van Tonder.
  • Charlotte, Jurgen and Chloe Guelen.

Murrays Bay Wharf Birdman Festival

The Murrays Bay Wharf Birdman Festival was back for its second year on Saturday 7th April, once again drawing a huge crowd. Spectators were treated to some amazing 'birdman' creations; some flying more successfully than others! With the street being blocked off, visitors could spread out to get the best view of the wharf and also sample tasty food from the large array of food stalls. The Murrays Bay wharf Birdman festival was a fantastic event and great fun for the whole family. Long may it continue!

Issue 87 May 2018