• Daniel Van Noorden, Alan Kenyon, Alice Henry, Sophie Lister.
  • Mark Cunningham, Duane Hocking, Tom Hitchcock, Brad Taylor, Peter Davias.
  • Satty Thammarong, Jenna Tuuta, Linda and Neal Taylor.
  • Jenni Fincham, Rhonda Taylor, Nicole Skilton, Jenna Tuuta.
  • Owen Lind, Nicolo Clausen, Matthew Dodds.
  • Swimmers and supporters.
  • Swimmers line up ready to plunge in.
  • Swimmers bravely diving in at Waiake Beach.

Nautical Nick's Nippily Dip Mid-Winter Swim

Nick Taylor's favourite beach was Waiake and after he passed away in North Shore Hospice a few years ago, his friends and family wanted to find a fun, unique way to honour him annually. He loved dress up parties. Nautical Nick's Nippily Dip Mid-winter Swim was devised and on the weekend closest to Nick's birthday his supporters gather in crazy, 'everyday hero' fancy-dress to experience some discomfort by diving into the cold winter waters. This year it was held on Sunday 19th May, a brisk and breezy day that the brave group embraced. Money was raised for North Shore Hospice and the event was supported by Lone Star Albany, which donated vouchers and prizes, plus an enterprising lemonade stand set up by a trio of youngsters.

Issue 99 June 2019