• Alistair Fletcher, Lesley Hawkey, Stephen Hood, Kathy Gent, Sherry Berg and Stephen Willson.
  • Sarah Dettwiler, Ian Cunliffe and Diana Murray.
  • Victoria Silvey and James Seaton.
  • Julie Collis, Geoff Allen, Robyn Goudge and peter Collis.
  • Sue Prime, Janet Lyons, David and Annie McGrath.
  • Mary Hill, Bill Sinclair, Wendy Kristensen, Ron Reichs and Sian Davis.
  • Mark Wilson, Meg Andrews, Barbara Farron and Lyn Carlisle.
  • Victoria Gancheva, Raiden Page, Jan Wardle and Charles Digby.
  • Matt MacDougall, Christina Christopher and Lisa Wong.
  • Pam Fleming, James Nash, Jo Highley, Deb Farmer and Scott Thomas.

Neville's Island Gala Night at The Rose Centre

The much-anticipated Neville's Island opened for its gala night on Friday 13th August. The Rose Centre was buzzing with excited guests for the opening night. The show, produced by Company Theatre and directed by Kathy Gent, certainly didn't disappoint! Four middle-class, middle-aged, middle-management co-workers stranded in the middle of nowhere were far from middling – they were absolutely excellent. Belly-laughs abounded in the first Act, with the second Act becoming a little more sinister as prevailing social norms started to fray. The atmosphere and mood was superbly reinforced by the amazing set – the fog, chill and isolation of the island really did resonate. Sadly the play was brought to a swift and untimely hiatus due to lockdown, but Kathy, cast and crew will relaunch the show for 13th-27th November 2021. Don't miss out on this second chance to see this gem. True local theatre, for the locals by the locals at an incredibly high standard.  www.companytheatre.co.nz

Issue 123 September 2021