• Giselle Christian, Tilly Driver, Imogen Campbell.
  • Lynda Hanson, Rochelle Campbell, Rachelle Christian.
  • Nadine Ballan, Richard and Suzanne Warburton.
  • Genna Clements, Lynn Berresford, Sean Langford.
  • Rosheen Gray, Karen Howes, Dawn Sullivan, Helen Mansfield.
  • Anne Sturgess, Meggan Keohane, Genna Clements, Evan Christian, Bron Van Der Geest, James Steele.
  • Nadine Ballan, Deb Walker, Tracy Riley, Len Ward.

New Academy thanks supporters

The Academy for Gifted Education (AGE) recently held a Friends of the Academy evening at the Academy’s premises in Huron Street in Takapuna to thank supporters, families, and those who had worked for many years to get the private educational centre off the ground. AGE opened in February this year and has attracted students from a wide area. At present it has a staff of six, and 27 students, all selected as they are exceptional academically and/or socially. Students range in age from five to 16; AGE will over the next two years begin to cater for students up to 18.