• Elina Vaisanen, John Ormiston and Michelle Dickinson.
  • John Ormiston, Michelle Dickinson, Elina Vaisanen.
  • Brian Lunt, Patricia Ding, Guy Armstrong, Seif El-Jack.
  • Peter Ruygrok, Lloyd Jones, Tim Glenie.
  • Jacques Groenwald, Rachel Atkinson, Angus Young.
  • Kanchan Daly, Chandu Nair, Sraah Scheirlinck, Rohit Maharaj, Lenin Ramachandran.
  • Avril Astrop,Liisa McLellan, Pip Johnson.
  • Mike Milsom, Joss Hong, Denise Redwood, Courtney Bennett.

'Intra' medical facility opens on the Shore

Guests at the official opening of a state-of-the-art medical facility for Intra (previously Mercy Angiography) were impressed with the design and layout of the new facility. Medical professionals, as well as many who had been involved in the fit-out of the Intra facility and the construction of the new Southern Cross hospital building in Wairau Road, were given tours of the high-tech premises which provide single-day evaluation, treatment and recovery for patients needing cardiology, oncology and radiology procedures. Dr John Ormiston, Intra’s Medical Director, introduced Dr Michelle Dickinson (Nanogirl), who spoke before cutting the celebratory cake.