• Carole Fraser, Erin Fogerty, Trish Kelly
  • Jeneal Rohrback, Carole Fraser, Lizzie Kumar, Harriette Blackman, Ray Medemblik
  • Jan Ward, Wendy Stedman, Julia Curran, Harriette Blackman
  • Paul and Sue Balchin, Chris Fraser
  • Rogan Hampson, Sandra Brooke, Ray Medemblik, Joao Duarte
  • Sophia and Vanessa Barrell, Helen Davis, Grant Easter
  • Sheree Porter, Chris and Nicky Hume
  • Natalia Da Costa Claudino, Joao Duarte, Sonya Bae, Rose Castro Castillo, Marcelle Masera
  • Trish Kelly, Barb Mclean, Carole Fraser, Wendy Stedman, Carmel Byrne

Pilates Unlimited celebrates 18 years

Pilates Unlimited Takapuna Beach celebrated its 18th anniversary with a mid-winter party and demonstration. Studio owner Carole Fraser, along with the great team of experienced certified Instructors, hosted clients at the Northcroft Street pilates studio. Guests were treated to some impressive displays of strength and suppleness from Natalia Da Costa Claudino and the four newly graduated certified instructors; Sonya, Joao, Marcelle and Rose. Delicious canapes and drinks were served at the studio, which serves as the Training Centre for Romana’s Pilates International in New Zealand.


Issue 91 September 2018