• Korban McKinlay, Marty Screen, Shane Symons, Karen McKinlay, TJ Symons.
  • Michelle, Jessica, Cliff and Katelin Cargeege.
  • Rory and Daniel Mulcahy, Karen Dickinson, Frankie, Tilly and Arlo Feeney.
  • Lesley Bates, Finn Spencer-Bates, Rob Bates.
  • Melanie Kassey, Kylie Settle, Sarita Wood.
  • Barry and Chris Butcher, Nalasi and Keith Holdsworth.
  • Adam Groen, Nyla, Jaden, Naz and Marius Spencer.
  • Nadja Court, Uwe and Calvin Door, Kirk Jacinto.
  • Yana Kirakovskaya, Tamara Lobacheva, Piet Ubels, Atlas Talisman.

Spectacular Birdman this year at Murrays Bay.

A magnificent turnout to the Murrays Bay Birdman 2020 event on Saturday 14th March had the community lapping up the last of the peak summer days. Pre-flight entertainment included a Kapa Haka group, a brass band, colourful Colombian dancers, train rides, a surf club demonstration and much more. A fine array of food trucks filled the car park keeping everyone refreshed. 12 Birdman entries assembled their craft and costumes before parading along Beach Road and heading to Murrays Bay Wharf for the highlight of the day: jumping off the end with its special high extensions for the event. Below, yachts, launches, kayaks, paddleboards and even a floating picnic table watched the birdmen and birdwomen up close as they performed to their chosen piece of music before taking flight. A winning day all round with our own Benefitz All Blacks scrum entry voted Best Team.

Issue 108 April 2020