• Gillian Scott, Spreadelfer
  • Flax Spreadelfie
  • Cheltenham Beach Spreadelfie
  • Torpedo Bay Spreadelfie
  • SUP Spreadelfie
  • Rangitoto Spreadelfie

Spreading 'Spreadelfie' selfie lockdown laughs across Devonport

Devonport local author of the 'What Goes on Tour' series and comedic blogger, Gillian Scott, kept locals laughing during level 4 this year. During the first lockdown last year Gillian posted daily blogs of her daily neighbourhood walks, trying to find humour in the mundane but also keeping it real when it was tough. She compiled all her FB posts into a book – one of which was donated to the Devonport Museum – as a time capsule of the period. She restarted her daily posts when we went back into the latest level 4 lockdown this year. Inspired by the now infamous malapropism by a top government official about safely spreading your legs, Gillian was inspired to evolve the traditional selfie into a #spreadelfie and it became a local fad that also spread! New Zealanders as far south as Taranaki and followers as far away as Australia joined in and posted their #spreadelfies too. Here are a few of them from the Devonport surrounds! You can follow Gillian's blogs at  https://gillianscottcreative.com/blog/

Issue 125 November 2021