• Andrea Munro, Claire Warner, Anne Lofts.
  • David Downs, Dr Michelle Dickinson.
  • Karla Byrnes, Father Larry Rustia.
  • Nicki Lucas, Sandra Conroy, Monique Levett-McSkimming, Sallie Dawson, Amanda Silk.
  • Lisa Coleman, Monique Pearce, Sireen Collins, Karla Byrnes.
  • Anne Lowe, Vic Mules, Jemma Glancy.
  • Louise Hume, Sarah Lawton, Helen Howcroft.
  • Jolie Fraser, Natalie Perks, Olivia Riggall.

St Leo's High Tea at Cheltenham

Unrivalled views from McHugh's restaurant set the scene splendidly for an afternoon of talk, treats, tea, and more at Cheltenham on May 6th. St Leo's High Tea was a fundraiser for the Devonport-based Catholic primary school and attracted a sell-out crowd. The afternoon featured a fascinating talk from 'Nanogirl' scientist Dr Michelle Dickinson - complete with audience participation experiments. Her co-author of No 8 Recharged, David Downs was a warmly welcomed local guest. Bubbles and light bites, laughter and learning were enjoyed at the excellent event, which was ably MCed by Hayley Law and was held to raise funds for IT equipment for the Victoria Road school.