• Scott Donavan, John Thatcher, Rob Meister.
  • Sophie Gilmour, Alex Bitcheno, Greg Young.
  • Shelley Geenty, Richard Hills, Rachael Penman.
  • Chris Darby, Terence Harpur, Tony Dench, Richard Hills.
  • Crowd.
  • Maggie Li, Maria Kuo, David Chen, Amy Chow.
  • Charles Davis, Kate Evans, Hayden Cole.
  • Tony Dench, Sophie Gilmour, Terence Harpur.
  • Tony Dench, Scott Donovan, Terence Harpur.
  • Andrew Hill, Craig Newth, Hamish Maude.

TBBA AGM at The Spencer on Byron

The annual Takapuna Beach Business Asssociation AGM was held at The Spencer on Byron Hotel on Wednesday September 25th. A good crowd was on hand to hear Chair Tony Dench and CEO Terence Harpur present their reports of activity over the past 12 months as well as their plan for the 2019/2020 year. Their efforts were endorsed unanimously. Elections were held for board positions for that year ahead, with Tony Dench re-elected as Chair and all eight nominations elected to the board. Newly elected to the board was Andrew Hill of BDO and Hamish Maude of BNZ. The two board members standing down, Sophie Gilmour and Scott Donovan, were acknowledged for their efforts by both Tony and Terence.