• Greer Noble

Health & Beauty Q & A: Greer Noble

Greer Noble started working at Shore Footed Podiatry as Receptionist while she completed her degree. She is now a full-time Podiatrist at the clinic and when she's not working she spends a lot of time training at AUT Millenium in track and field, specifically long jump.

Tell us about how what you do helps make people feel better

A lot of people take their feet for granted. It’s always a good feeling knowing I am able to help relieve their pain and get them back on their feet. And to give them the advice they need for long term comfort.


What are the essential elements in your daily health/beauty regime?

Eating fresh snacks is important so I always carry something healthy to stop me reaching for quick fix sugary things. I love to walk my two dogs in the evenings and this is a good way to wind down after training and relax. And of course there is plenty of skin moisturising in my routine!


What is your number one health/beauty tip for summer?

Drink heaps of water. Staying hydrated is so important for your body, especially when it’s hot. And don’t forget your feet: they need care too.


Who do you most admire for their approach to health/beauty – and why?

Definitely my mum. She has taught me that it is important to take care of your mind as well as your body, and to also let your natural beauty shine through.


What is your health/beauty ambition for 2019 and how will you achieve that?

Better nutrition. I generally have a good diet but have quite a sweet tooth so it is important that while I’m busy working followed by a rush to training, that I’m eating properly in the evenings. I’ll be managing this goal by planning my meals weekly.

Issue 95 February 2019