• Jzayla Hughey, Milford.

Miss Earth New Zealand loves her Milford Beach life

My Shore Life: Jzayla Hughey

Jzayla Hughey is passionate about our planet. So much so, she won the title of Miss Earth New Zealand 2018 and is about to embark on a national tour to share her environmental message and join in some local activities around the country. Jzayla shares her love of Milford and conservation with Channel's Nikki Davidson.

What do you love most about living in Milford?

Milford is about leisure, location and serenity. I love Milford! I am a walk away from the beach, cute cafes, the gym, Milford's boutique mall and the lake. It's the perfect place to live.


How long have you lived here?

I have lived in Milford for a few years and when I first moved to the Shore., I could not comprehend how beautiful the view of Auckland City surrounded by water was. There are so many places around North Shore that have a view of the Sky Tower and Waitemata Harbour. You cannot see views like this anywhere else. 


What activities or organisations are you involved with? Why are you passionate about this?

I have always enjoyed being outdoors and believe it is very important to restore and conserve the unique biodiversity our country has to offer. I am driven to advocate for biodiversity conservation and stopping the over-exploitation of our natural resources as it is threatening and endangering most of our native species. Tree planting is a great way to contribute to forest restoration, held by environmental community groups such as EcoMatters and Whau River. Jam Jar Beach Clean is another great organisation that I have worked with who focus on collecting and recycling micro-plastics that pollute our beaches and waterways. 


What else might you be involved with if you had more time?

I have dreamed of opening an eco-friendly activewear brand to combine my passions of fitness, sustainability and fashion together!


Tell us about a place that is a secret gem in Milford?

You can often find me shopping for delicious health foods at The Source Bulk Foods store on Milford Road. This place is definitely a gem as they are eco-friendly driven, catering for the health of the environment and customers. 


Do you have a favourite local event that you look forward to each year?

A night with cultural cuisines, live music and a great atmosphere is the kind of event I always enjoy. The Urban Street Festival occurs a few times a year in the Milford Village carpark and provides top quality food trucks, live music and an overall fun night for everybody. There is always a variety of vegan food options and it is a dog friendly environment. It brings the local community together in so many ways, and you’ll be sure to see me at their next event in Milford!


If you could change one aspect about your suburb what would it be?

The North Shore to me, is already a great place to live.  Everyone in our community should enjoy what the Shore has to offer.  We just need to continue supporting local events, cafes and new businesses, and help each other build an eco-friendly, sustainable and more involved community.


Who would you most like to have as a neighbour and why?

Anyone who would like to enjoy a home-cooked neighbourhood dinner every once in a while!

Issue 92 October 2018